2021 Mount Nyiragongo eruption : Once again Mount Nyiragongo in Virunga national park has been reported to have erupted as of May 22nd 2021 leaving the entire community across the mountain in panic. Mount Nyiragongo is a famous Volcano in Africa and World at large as an active volcanic mountain. In the past years, over 34 eruptions have been recorded since the 1882 and the last eruption was witnessed in 2002 that claimed lives of over 250 of the people that lived in the areas that got affected by the Lava flowing as the volcano was erupting.

The most deadly eruption on Mount Nyiragongo in Democratic Republic of Congo occurred in 1977 and it involved in massive destruction where over 600 people lost their lives and several thousands were displaced from their houses, plenty of property was as well spoilt including livestock, farms and many more.

This recent eruption in 2021 marks the 35th eruption since 1882 and good news is that people thrilling in the surrounding areas were able to be evacuated in time though we are still on a follow up to get all the detailed information about the entire saga as the news coming in from the eye witnesses show that some people have lost their lives trying to run away from the lava so this brought about congestion and some people ended up being knocked down in accidents.

The 2021 Mount Nyiragongo eruption

Other people lost their relatives since the eruption happened in the evening thus any slight mistake a relative could disappear in the huge population of people.  The molten Lava itself claimed some lives, destroyed properties and livestock leading to displacement of several hundreds of people that reside along the mountain.

During the 2021 Mount Nyiragongo eruption that was reported to have begun at around 17:00 pm local time, the Lava was seen flowing down from the crater to the North Lake Kivu area, Goma city, near Goma Airport and as well cut off the Beni highway. Several thousands of Congolese were spotted crossing from their motherland into Rwanda where they were welcomed and accommodated by the government of Rwanda in places of worship and school though this could now lead to spark in the spread of Corona Virus that has also been a threat to the entire world.

Since Virunga national park is the most visited destination in Democratic Republic of Congo, this eruption has put on halt lots of park activities not only for mount Nyiragongo hike but also other activities like Gorilla trekking, visiting Lake Kivu and many more activities enjoyed in Virunga national park. Mount Nyiragongo stands at 11,500ft above the see level and is the most active volcano to hike while on your Congo safari to Virunga national park. A hike to summit Mount Nyiragongo takes 2 days with an overnight at the top of the mountain viewing the Crater Lake that gets brighter in case of rain dropping in it.

A permit to hike up mount Nyiragongo as of 2021 costs $346 per person inclusive of transportation, rangers, 1 night at the summit with dinner and breakfast. However the permit excludes porter hire fees, sleeping bag, snacks and many more. Mount Nyiragongo can be accessed easily from Goma in just 15 minutes’ drive and most of the Congo safaris start and in Rwanda where travelers land at Kigali international airport and then crossover through Gisenyi – Goma border into Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 2021 Mount Nyiragongo eruption

Some Congo safaris also start from Uganda where travelers cross through Bunagana border from Uganda the pearl of Africa into Democratic Republic of Congo. Optionally, Ethiopian airlines offers flights direct to Goma international airport for those who wish to access Democratic Republic of Congo by air.

Mount Nyiragongo is the most hiked volcano in Virunga massif which is a conservation area protecting 8 volcanoes shared amongst Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of Congo, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda.

These volcanoes include Mount Nyiragongo the most active of all, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke / Visoke, Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhavura, Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Nyamulagira and Mount Mikeno. A hike to summit one of these Volcanoes is such a fascinating experience especially when combined with a gorilla trekking safari since Virunga national park as well offers the cheapest gorilla permit as compared to its counterparts in Rwanda that goes to as high as $1500, and that in Uganda ta $700 per person.