Stunning Facts About Mikumi National Park : Mikumi national park is situated in about 228 kilometers from Dar es salaam and about 107 kilometers from morogoro town hence sharing  borders with games parks like; Nyerere National park which allows the wildlife animals to move from one part to another for example Serengeti national park. In addition, this national park has a beautiful landscape, which is surrounded with features like; rare palm trees, savanna grasslands, alluvial plains, open grasslands, miombo woodlands, swamps, riverine forests that all act to be good natural habitats to many wildlife species. Mikumi national park is ranked as the fourth national park, which covers a total surface area of about 3,230 square kilometers and stands at elevated area of about 1290 meters. In addition, there are so many cool facts that tourists should know about this national park and some of these include;

Facts to know about Mikumi National park. 

  • Mikumi national park is known to have a large concentration of wildlife animals which makes a perfect destination for visiting while on an adventurous safari in the country and s some of these animals include; elephants, lions, birds, African buffalos, Sable antelopes, Elands, giraffes, leopards, zebras, wildebeests, greater kudu, impala, Spotted hyenas, baboons, wild dogs, hartebeests and many others. In addition, seeing almost all these species grants an individual a successful Tanzania safari.
  • Mikumi national park is not a home to wildlife animals but it also harbours around 400 bird species which makes it to be seen as a best birding destination where one can choose to travel to while on their safari in the country and some of these birds include; cattle egret, black-bellied bustard, marabou stork, red billed woodpeckers, francolin, guinea fowls, hornbills, malachite king fisher, mariqua sunbird, Northern pied babbler, Norther carmine bee-eater, long tailed fiscal, green wood hoopoe, pale batis, pale-billed hornbill, purple crested turaco, yellow throated longclaw, shelley’s sunbird, Southern ground hornbill and many others.

    Stunning Facts About Mikumi National Park
    Mikumi National Park
  • Tourists should also know that touring around this national park gives you opportunities to participate in several activities like; Game viewing, bird watching, guided nature walks which involve tourists to move around the park on foot as they are being accompanied by the park guides and there are around 3 walking trails available in the park such as; Vuma hills trail, the mikumi wildlife lode trail, Kikoboga trail and while on these walks, they get opportunities to explore through the beautiful landscapes of the park and sight see at many birds and animals. More so, tourists touring around Mikumi park in a safari can opt to for camping which brings them to nature and picnics as this park has around 3 picnic sites such as; Millennium, Mbuyuni and Mwanambogo. And they can also choose to go for community visits and cultural encounters where they opportunities to interact with the local people who normally welcome their guests with tradition dance performances that are always exciting to watch and get to learn more about their culture and the way they live their daily lifestyle and many other.
  • For tourists planning to visit within Mikumi national park should not worry about where to stay after their long day of moving around the park because, there are so many accommodation facilities that are available around the park however, they are of different ranges such as; they range from budget, mid-range and luxury but which gives people chances to choose where to stay according to their budget and preferences. In addition, some of these lodging facilities include; Vuma hill tented lodges, Stanley’s kopje camp, mikumi wildlife camp, Angalia tented camp, Tan-swiss lodge, Mikumi safari lodge, chigwale campsite and many others.
  • More so, tourist who plan to go this national park can choose to either air transport means which are fast and save a lot of time most especially for those individuals who have a tight schedule therefore, they can book their domestic or chattered flights from Julius Nyerere international airport which will lead to Kikoboga airstrip and then take a short drive to the park. Alternatively, individuals can opt to use the road transport means, which grants them chances to explore through the beautiful landscapes of the country.

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