Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria

Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria were named after the Tsetse flies that infested the area several years ago. So as the locals failed to write the word (Tsetse) and ended up calling the place Ssese Island. While on your visit to this Island, make some research from the locals and you will surely obtain all the information about these beautiful Islands in the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is termed as a landlocked country but the beauty that thrills within are imaginable and adventurous to the eyes of the viewer. With its amazing Ssese islands that offers a good number of sandy beaches filed with palm trees, beautiful flowers, stunning surrounding, and a cool ambiance all offering a memorable experience. 

Ssese islands are situated in Kalangala district a popular destination for fishing and now the best destination for leisure and relaxation thus while at the beach on Ssese islands expect to enjoy fish in abundance at leisure.

Ssese islands are magical, secret and stunning Islands with sandy beaches making them one of the best places to go for leisure and relaxation along the shores of Lake Victoria the Africa’s biggest fresh water lake situated in East Africa where it is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Lake Victoria thrills with plenty of stunning islands including Ssese islands that are worth a visit while on a Uganda safari for relaxation after spending tiresome day on other park activities like Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, game drive, walking safaris, birding, hiking and many more.

Ssese islands have beautiful beaches where one can chill and relax while on a cruise along Lake Victoria watching the sunset over the horizon as you sip on your fresh juice or any drink.

Apart from boat cruising, Ssese islands are as well the best place to go for fishing with an opportunity of catching the Nile perch, bird lovers are as well rewarded with an abundant of birdlife on Ssese islands, take on a hike and many more.

While staying at Ssese islands, there are lots of things to do ranging from leisure and relaxation at the beaches to stunning views of different fauna and flora wildlife viewing as the island protects lots birds, butterflies, mammals, primates among others that thrill with the tropical forest at Ssese islands.

Apart from being a place for recreation, picnic, and leisure, Ssese islands have a variety of fresh fruits to enjoy during your stay including water melons, jackfruits, mangoes, bananas and many more that are very well known to be amongst the sweetest fruits in the world.

Ssese islands thrill with one of the best weather suitable for honeymoon, vacation, holidays, and many other safaris at any given period of time and can easily be combined with other safaris to different parts of Uganda such that after spending tiresome days in the wild, one relaxes at the beach for at least 2 days before departing to fully enjoy the beauty with in the pearl of Africa.

Ssese islands can be accessed from different directions but the easiest island to access on Ssese islands is Bugala Island where tourists spend their nights at Pineapple Bay Resort. However, this doesn’t mean that you miss out on other Islands since Ssese islands contains over 84 islands all worth an adventure. However, Bugala Island is the one of the largest island on Ssese islands and it receives a highest number of guests all year round. Bugala Island has beautiful and stunning lodges situated closer to Lake Victoria thus offering stunning views of the Lake Victoria, sunset views and many more while at the comfort of the lodge on Bugala Island.

Let me take you through some of the activities to enjoy while at Ssese islands;

Nature walks: taking a walk in the tropical forest situated on Ssese Islands offers remarkable experience as you encounter with plenty of primates such as Monkeys, mammals like Antelopes, and several species of birds making it a birder’s paradise. There is also a golden opportunity of visiting the locals that reside along the islands to interact with them and earn more about their culture and tradition.

Explore Kihumuro cave: For tourists on Bugala island which is the most visited island amongst the 84 islands making up Ssese islands, there is a golden chance of visiting the Kihumuro caves which are taken by the locals in that area as their church with an entrance and an exit. A local guide is able to elaborate more about these caves as most locals visit the caves to seek blessings from the gods. No one is supposed to enter into the caves with shoes thus all tourists are supposed to remove their shoes and walk on a local grass carpet. While inside the cave, there are some items kept in their including spears and calabashes. 

Boat ride: Obviously this one of the most fascinating activity never to miss out while on an adventure to Ssese Islands. You may choose to go for boat cruise with fishing equipment such that you kill two birds with one stone as you fish for Nile perch or tilapia fish the most caught fish species of Lake Victoria alongside breath taking boat cruise adventure.

Go clubbing: Ssese Islands are indeed a secret place where you can relax in the gardens watching the sunset and later in the night head out to the clubs to enjoy the night as you sip on your favorite drink or opt to taste on other brands of drinks in Uganda.

Where to stay while on a safari to Ssese Islands?

Obviously, one should not expect to find a five start on Ssese Islands but trust me the accommodation facilities along the Island are stunning and very unique with a luxury touch that offers a thrilling and warm stay. Some of the lodges are situated close to Lake Victoria offering a view of the beach. Some lodges even offer evening beach camp fires. Accommodations are affordable depending on one’s pocket raging from Budget, midrange as well as luxury. Some these accommodation include; Pineapple Bay Resort, Victoria Forest resort, Kalangala Pearl beach resort, Philo Leisure gardens, Panorama cottages and Ssese Habitat lodge and many more.

Getting to the Ssese Islands,

Getting to Ssese Islands from Kampala is very easy. You get to Entebbe and depart with a ferry to the Island. There is also another ferry that departs Masaka.


Being a secret place, Ssese islands are the best place to visit away from noise and city congestion to relax your mind, souls and body and keep in mind that these Islands were listed amongst the best secret places to visit in the world. Come and explore the true meaning of leisure at Ssese islands.