Soroti Rock : Uganda is a country that is made up of 111 districts and with Soroti district amongst these, to most sightseers having a visitation at Soroti may not seem to be excellent but honestly Soroti city is one of the cities in Uganda that should not skip on the list of Uganda destinations to sight.

Soroti is a city in Eastern Region of Uganda surrounded by Soroti District of the Teso sub-region and of the record the only city in Uganda with the most welcoming individuals.

Soroti has got a lot of fascinating and mind blowing attractions that cause most people want to explore it despite of how small it may seem to be.

While on a safari to the pearl of Africa it would surely be a good idea to have a stopover in Soroti before you continue on with other safari activities.

 The culture in Soroti alone is enough to blow one’s mind as they get to experience the beauty of the city, as one gets to interact with the individuals you get to understand that Soroti is indeed another treasure in Uganda.

In this article Achieve global safaris brings to you one of the best ends of Soroti that each and every sightseer deserves to visit and get to learn more of the sacred points in Soroti city.

In the vicinity referred to as Moru Apesur, Soroti rock is the most fascinating attraction in Soroti city due to its amazing tails that are said about it and the rock raised above the flatland surfaces surrounding it give excellent trekking activities to its visitors.

If one is interested in an aerial view of the surrounding areas a far and near Soroti town Soroti rock is an ideal place to have this carried out and that’s why most choose to climb extremely high above it.

In the heart of Soroti town is where you are able to sight this lovely rock that offers incredible views of the city for the explorers addicted to great captivate beautiful views.

Soroti rock offers a lot of exciting safari activities as you continue to enjoy the beauty of Soroti town and these activities just top up on the great moments one gets as they visit Soroti town.

Some of these activities demand one to have enough energy to carry them out for they are surely tiring but once achieved they indeed leave a life time mark.

Safari activities to do at the Soroti rock

Stone quarrying at the foothills of the rock: for the daring itinerants Stone quarrying at the foothills of the rock would simply be the most daring activity to carry out though this activity is associated with injuries and is done with care and caution.

Soroti Rock
Soroti Rock

Hiking: Hiking to the top of Soroti rock is not for the faint hearted fellows as earlier mentioned some of these activities need one to be energetic but once the battle is overcome the victory while standing at the top of the mountain is most excellent and unforgettable.

Photography: for explorers hooked to great enthrall of beautiful views carry your camera because you will surely need it as you get to the top of the rock which gives unbeatable photography point.

Cultural encounter: get the chance to as well have a cultural encounter with the people of Soroti as you get to learn the different languages and tribes in the area such as the Teso, Karamoja, Kapelebyong and Kabong who are all found in Soroti.

These and very many activities can be carried while on your visit to the Soroti rock and from there get to explore furthermost the Pearl of Africa through Achieve Global Safaris.