Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safaris : Serengeti National Park is a superb wildlife viewing gateway famous for hosting the wildebeest migration. Guests who choose this glorious destination end up in revisiting it frequently because of its unending natural wonders. There are several activities that you can enjoy doing while in Serengeti. Game drives are the very common activities done by many guests coming to Serengeti. With an area of 14,763 square kilometers, Serengeti is mainly made of “endless plains” stretching as far as they eye can see. To enjoy the views of these wonderful plains, you need to view from a bird’s eye view. That’s why we Achieve Global Safaris recommend you fly with us in Serengeti. The climate is favorable to air travel here in Serengeti with average temperatures between 12 to 26 Celsius degrees and the wind blows gently.

Can you imagine floating in the air while experiencing the natural beauty of this park? That imagination can be fulfilled by booking for a Serengeti Balloon Safari, which is a lifetime opportunity to experience the vastness of Serengeti on a bird’s eye view. Hot air balloon safaris are organized from three sites; Central Serengeti, Southern Serengeti, and Western Serengeti. All these areas are endowed with many natural features that you will enjoy viewing from an aerial point of view.

Central Serengeti

The heart of Serengeti is plentiful in non-migratory games gathering in the Seronera Valley all year round. The Seronera River serves as the permanent source of water, making the wild animals to stay there throughout the year. A balloon safari through this magnificent region is endowed the beautiful scenes of Serengeti’s magnificence. An experienced pilot will take you above the Serengeti early in the morning and you will witness the beauty of central Serengeti from a top view. As you roam above the kopjes, you will see some predators basking on the rocks. On a clear day, you will view the Ngorongoro Highlands from the balloon. Seronera Valley with its magnificence appearance from the top attracts several animals, which are in search of water. You will enjoy the scenic views of Simba and Moru Kopjes. If you plan your balloon safari between May and June, the migrating herds passes this area when the pasture in the south starts to be scarce. You will witness this huge herd of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles from a top view.


Southern Serengeti

We also fly in the south of Serengeti. The verdant plains in the south are home to the wildebeests, especially during the calving season. The calving season is from December to March. About 8,000 calves are born each day. This area becomes concentrated with thousands of predators that want to take advantage of the newly born calves. An aerial view of the Ndutu area and Lake Ndutu is awesome. A professional pilot will take you off high above the grassy plains early in the morning. You will spend about one hour floating in the air while experiencing the natural beauty of Serengeti at its magnificence and celebrate the touchdown with a “Champagne Bush Breakfast”.


Western Serengeti

On the Western Corridor of Serengeti is the majestic Grumeti River, which attracts thousands of wild animals. This giant river is surrounded by riverine forests, which harbor plenty of games. We offer balloon safaris in this masterpiece region of Serengeti. From a bird’s eye view, you will view spectacular river crossings, especially from June to July when the migrating animals brave the hungry Nile crocodiles to survive. The more you roam freely in the air you will enjoy the spectacular views of large herds of wildebeests.

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safaris
Western Serengeti

We arrange hot air balloon safaris all year round in the Serengeti. However, for unforgettable experience with balloon safaris, you should plan it during the time when the migrating herd reaches there. For Southern Serengeti, balloon safaris are more fascinating from December to March while in Northern Serengeti these wonderful trips are exciting when done between June and January. For a rewarding balloon safari in Western Serengeti, you have to book it between May and October. The Central Serengeti is open all year round for hot air balloon safaris.

Achieve Global Safaris can get everything planned for your Serengeti balloon safari for a group. We also have plans for a private balloon safari throughout the Serengeti National Park.