Safety in Congo 2018 / 2019: Is Congo safe?: Is Congo Safe? Congo is part of Africa with a number of tourist attractions. However, many visitors ask a lot about Congo; if it’s a safe area to visit. Mountain Gorillas are found in the Virunga Massif which is a chain of eight volcanoes, eastern DRC, western Uganda and Rwanda, adjoining Bwindi impenetrable national park, the largest park with mountain Gorillas in the world. However human intervention has reduced the Number of mountain Gorillas in Congo. These apes are targeted by hunters since the early  20th century. Human encroachment on their territory has been even more destructive.

Safety in Congo 2018 / 2019: Is Congo safe?

The security in the Eastern Congo has always remained unstable. The continued presence of armed groups, military operations, inter-communal violence and an influx of refugees from the areas of neighboring countries has contributed to deterioration in security, political and humanitarian situation. Tourists in eastern Congo have been left very vulnerable this is a result one travelling independently without escorted transport, a risk of kidnap or injury; this is a result of armed or criminal high record. The kidnap took place at the extreme east of the DRC these adjoining Uganda and sharing the Rwenzori Mountains.

The armed groups are always within the park, the people of Congo have suffered hugely in recent times. Corrupt officials these are indifferent international geopolitics and ruthless multinationals and their desires for specialists minerals, these are played a part in creating the country’s current situation. The lack of infrastructure throughout Congo  has led to the continuation of insecurity in the eastern region this often prevents the British Embassy in Kinshasa this is found in the far west of DRC.

What about travel insurance

There travel insurance that are validated to visit this dangerous region. Congo wants to drill for oil in the habitats for endangered Gorillas. Some NGO’S staff people and journalists and people with relatives in risky areas have special policies which cover risky areas.

Frequent Kidnaps

There are frequent kidnaps globally every year, this has worked out at one every 13 minutes on average. Kidnapping occurs to obtain a ransom. The few victims of kidnap are released safely without ransoms being paid. However one shouldn’t rely on government support because certainly they won’t pay any ransom demanded.

There something magical about DRC, the countryside is alive with colorful, flowers, flourishing fruits and luscious green plants. There are towering mountain peaks that are garnished with wisps of giant primates and mist the primates keep roaming the rainforests, mulching juicy leaves, swinging from vines and rolling playfully in the dirt. As a tourist to DRC, the time spent climbing the great heights for epic views; these encounters are the world’s rarest creatures, wading through thick, wet rainforests in search for adventure.

Countries offer extraordinary experience with essence of splendor and variety, these all deserve to be seen, appreciated and protected.DRC is deeply troubled country, this begins with arrival of Europeans in the late 15th century, DRC enjoyed some prosperous years in the 1950s, the country fell apart again after independence in 1960 and continues to face waves of violence and war, kept at bay only in some regions by peacekeepers.

Apparently DRC still struggles to break free from reputation as a country of darkness. DRC faces a huge challenge of protecting the rich and varied landscape; this saves the precious wildlife and creating a more prosperous future for its people in complicated political and economic climate.

The safe areas in DRC to visit are Virunga national park, Goma and Bukavu in the east and the capital of Kinshasa in the west. Since there still serious security threats in DRC for tourists, its best to visit with a tour company who will know how best to keep safe. The eastern region of DRC the Virunga is found there is still trouble of armed rebel groups, the tour operator arranges armed escorts to accompany travelers at all times.

The couple of regions of DRC travelers visit at the present. The best of them is the Virunga National Park; it’s about a quarter of the worlds critically endangered mountain Gorillas. The Africa’s oldest national park is famed for its thick forest, towering mountain peaks and ancient swamps. Kinshasa is the capital city of DRC, this one of the world’s second largest French speaking city.its the heart of central African music and bars in Bandal which is worthy visiting.

The mountain range and thick rain forest, the DRC offers some top-notch hiking. The options in Virunga National Park, these include various hikes to lendary Mountain Gorillas, however adventurous hikers will want to tackle mount Nyiragongo. Volcano glows from its bubbling lava lake as darkness sets each night. The hikes take around 6 hours climbing about 3470m through humid tropical forest, over scraggy lava rocks and past steaming geysers; this is before being plunged into mist at the top.