Rwanda Visa : While planning your Rwanda safari, a Visa should be the first thing to cross into your mind since it’s a crucial travel document to enable enjoy your stay in Rwanda. Most people obtain their Rwanda visas upon arrival at Kigali international airport or at different boarders and embassies of Rwanda abroad or online which all makes it a hassle free for travelers.

Rwanda the land of a thousand hills is one of the best travel destination in Africa and the world at large thus a day, week, and month or even more in Rwanda is worth the adventure as it thrills with plenty of travel destinations to see wildlife, primates, rolling hills, water bodies and lots of stunning flora that make an entire country beautiful without forgetting its beautiful people that are welcoming and loving.

All this is worth making Rwanda your next travel destination as you plan your safari to African continent. Rwanda thrills with only 3 national parks including Volcanoes national park the most visited park in Rwanda, Nyungwe forest national park which is the best primate destination in Rwanda with over 13 primate species and Akagera national park the only savanna park in Rwanda where one is sure of encountering all the big 5 games in this stunning savanna park.

Rwanda Visa

What you need to know before obtaining a Rwanda Visa

It is very necessary to know that there are some countries which are visa free thus there is a need to first confirm if your country is amongst the visa free countries and if not then go ahead and apply for the visa. Some of the countries that are visa free to Rwanda include citizens of East Africa Community states, the IGAD and many more.

Upon confirming your visa status, then make accurate consultations and get advice on how best to go about obtaining a Rwanda visa. For instance most of the African countries require a certificate that proves that you were vaccinated for Yellow fever before issuing you a Visa so get all the appropriate information about the requirements to get a Rwanda visa. Apart from the vaccination certificates, travelers need to have a valid passport at least 6 months from expiry date.

Where can one get a Rwanda visa?

You could be wondering as to where exactly one can get a Rwanda visa and well, there are different places in Rwanda where Rwanda visas are issued including at Kigali international airport for those entering Rwanda by air, at different boarder point for those entering Rwanda via neighboring countries, and from Rwanda embassies abroad.

However, one can as well obtain a Rwanda visa online by applying for it online from the official website at or through the Government portal We at Achieve Global Safaris can as well help you in applying and obtaining your Rwanda Visa then forward it over to our clients.

How much is a Rwanda Visa?

A Rwanda visa is charged differently according to the type, the purpose of travel and the country of origin but obviously here we are mostly talking about tourism so we majorly consider a Rwanda tourist visa for those interested in visiting only Rwanda and an East African visa for those visiting different East African countries that fall under East African Community member states including Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and South Sudan. Each visa is valid for 3 months (90 days) and a Rwandan ordinary tourist visa costs $50 per person while an East African visa costs $100 per person taking you across all East African Community member states.

What to do in Rwanda

Let us plan your next Africa safari to Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. Some of the activities to enjoy while on your next Rwanda safari include Gorilla trekking safaris, Volcano hiking, Dian Fossey hike, Golden monkey trekking, Canopy walk, Chimpanzee trekking, guided nature walks, birding, sport fishing, boat cruise,  cultural tours and many more.

We as well organize adventurous safaris to different east African countries including Uganda the pearl of Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. Make us your travel partners to enjoy the unbeatable rates. Check out on our websites for the best-selling safaris around East Africa.