Rwanda Gorilla Permit: A Gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda costs $1500 as of 2021. This cost is per person and each permit is valid for only 1 days which includes in an hour of close viewing the Gorillas. Rwanda has only one destination where gorilla trekking is conducted and that is in Volcanoes national park situated in North western part of Rwanda in Musanze. Volcanoes national park is one the top visited destinations in Rwanda especially by primate lovers who wish to spend time with the endangered mountain gorillas, Golden monkeys and even hike up the volcanos in the park.

Gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park Rwanda starts as early as possible in the morning with a briefing at the park headquarters before trekkers set off into the forest to search for the habituated gorilla families in the wilderness of Volcanoes national park.

While planning your Rwanda gorilla trekking safari, first and foremost, one has to check for availability of Gorilla permits online before confirming the safari though a trusted tour operator like Explore Rwanda tours which is our sister company can help you in managing this on your behalf. Unlike other gorilla trekking destination (Uganda and DRCongo), Rwanda handles its things in a different way where by in case of visiting gorillas plus other 2 parks including Akagera national park and Nyungwe forest national park), there is a special discounted offer but only during low season at 30% discount. All the Rwanda gorilla permits are issued out by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) which is the board responsible for the management of all protected areas in Rwanda the land of a thousand hills.

How many Gorilla permits are available in Rwanda per day?

Before accessing the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, one must have a gorilla permit and since Rwanda thrills with 12 habituated gorilla families including Amahoro gorilla family, Sasa A gorilla family, Agashya/ Group 13 gorilla family, Umubano gorilla family, Titus Gorilla family, Sabyinyo gorilla family, Susa (B) Gorilla family, Hirwa Gorilla family, Sabyinyo Gorilla family, Bwenge gorilla family, Ugenda Gorilla family, Kwitonda Gorilla Family and Muhoza gorilla family all residing in Volcanoes national park each trekked by 8 persons, this implies that Rwanda Development Board issues out 96 permits per day to 96 trekker that is only if all the permits are sold out. However, sometimes especially during low season, a few people visit Rwanda for Gorilla trekking. Each of these permits entitles a trekker to spend only 1 hour with gorillas in their natural habitats in Volcanoes national park.

Rwanda Gorilla Permit

Comparing gorilla permit in Rwanda and other destinations

As mentioned earlier, a gorilla permit costs $1,500 per person which is way expensive as compared to that in uganda that is sold at $700 and in Democratic Republic of Congo that goes for as low as $400 per person for high season and $200 for low season. Each of these permits are valid for 1 hour of close viewing gorillas. You could be wondering as to why a Rwanda Gorilla permit is more expensive than other countries like Uganda and Congo but worry not as the experience once you encounter with these gorillas is remarkable and worth the pay.

These mountain gorillas thrills in only 3 countries around the including Rwanda the land of a thousand hills in which gorilla trekking is only done in Volcanoes national park, Democratic Republic of Congo where one can encounter with, mountain gorillas in Virunga national park and finally in Uganda the pearl of Africa that thrills with 2 stunning national park that offer mountain gorilla trekking that is in Bwindi impenetrable national park and in Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Other parks to visit in Rwanda,

Apart from Volcanoes national park where gorilla trekking is conducted, Golden monkey trekking, volcano hike, a trek to Dian fossey and guided walks, Rwanda thrills with 2 other parks including Akagera national park the only savanna park in Rwanda where one is sure of encountering the Big 5 game in their natural habitats, as well as Nyungwe forest national park the best primate destination in Rwanda where one can encounter with over 13 primate species including Chimpanzees, Olive baboons and other species of monkeys.


At achieve Global Safaris, we are always ready to take you and your loved ones on a thrilling Gorilla trekking safari in Volcanoes national park. We as well organize other different safaris to all the 3 national parks in Rwanda plus other destinations in East Africa including Uganda the pearl of Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania.