Rules And Regulations To Follow When Driving In Tanzania? Tanzania is a country, which is a beautiful destination to travel to while on a Tanzania safari because it has diverse landscapes and rich in culture therefore, touring around this country gives one an exciting and rewarding experience. However, while exploring in this county people should be aware about the rules and regulations that they should follow while driving in order to avoid the accidents. Therefore, in this guide, we will outline more about the key rules and regulations for driving in Tanzania involving different aspects like; licensing, traffic laws, road conditions, and many other safety tips and some of these include;

  1. Driving Licence and Age requirements.

For one to be able to drive in Tanzania, they are required to have a valid international driving permit or Tanzania driver’s license. Therefore, one can choose to apply for Tanzania driving license however, individuals should note that the minimum age for driving in Tanzania is 18 years.

  1. Speed Limits.

Driving in Tanzania requires one to drive onto some limits which can vary depending on which type of road and location one is at and below are some of the standard limits that one should follow;

  • In Urban areas: 50 kilometers per hour.
  • Rural areas: 80 kilometers per hour.
  • Highways: 100 to 110 kilometers.

Therefore, individuals are advised to always obey the above speed limits and then adjust your speed according to road and the weather conditions.

  1. Driving Orientation.

Driving in Tanzania follows a left-hand driving system and this means that one has to have to drive on the left side while on the road and then overtake on the right side. Therefore, all people driving on Tanzanian roads should follow these rules in order to avoid causing any accidents.

  1. Seat Belts and Child Restraints.

While driving on the road in Tanzania wearing seat belts is a mandatory for all the passengers and the drivers. In addition, the driver’s responsibility is to make sure that everyone is okay. More so, the child restraints in a car are important more especially for children who are under 5 years old.

  1. Drinking and Driving.

In Tanzania, it is recommended to avoid any alcohol consumption when to planning to drive. As the roadblocks and enforcement can be strict to the fact that the legal blood alcohol limit in Tanzania is 0.08%.

Rules And Regulations To Follow When Driving In Tanzania?
Driving In Tanzania
  1. Road Conditions.

In addition, the road conditions in this country is that the infrastructure always varies from well-maintained highways to rough unpaved road. Therefore individuals should be prepared for diverse road conditions more especially when driving into remote areas. In addition, people are encouraged that it is better to use 4 by 4 wheel vehicles since they are abit raised and strong.

  1. Road Signs and Markings.

Tanzania as a country uses a combination of both international and local designed signposts therefore individuals driving on the roads are always required to pay close attention and obey these signs in order to avoid accidents on the road. More so, these road markings many also vary in quality and this empathizes the point as to why drivers need to exercise caution when driving through the roads in Tanzania.

  1. Traffic Police.

People who are new in Tanzania should note that the traffic police is common everywhere on different roads in the country. In addition, their main role is to main order and enforce traffic laws in order to reduce accidents. Therefore, individuals are asked to always comply with their instructions and stop when they signaled to.

In addition, apart from the above mentioned, there are more other rules and regulations that are set to follow while driving in Tanzania. Therefore, individuals should feel free to contact our trusted tour operators for more information and inquiries about some of the rules regarding to things like; Pedestrian crossings, wildlife, Roundabouts, fuel stations in the country, emergency services, insurance, Documentation, Overtaking, penalties and fines, the consequences of using the mobile phones while driving and to know more about many of the safety tips that they are supposed to follow.

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