Rugendo Gorilla family in Virunga National Park the group has six individuals of Gorillas these including three silver backs. Rugendo silverback is the head and the father of Humba. The group was habituated in 1989 and 1997 the group had about 18 individuals with two silver backs. Humba in 1998 split from his father in 1998, they were 8 members living with Rugendo however in few years there was increase in members due to the consecutive births that followed.

Rugendo Gorilla Group

In 1999, two females gave birth Safi and Neza. However on 15th July 2001, Rugendo group was caught up in clashes between the military groups as a result of death, Rugendo the silverback was short dead just 40 meters from the boundaries of the park.

In 2007 the group attacked 4 Gorillas were shot dead these included 3 adult females including Mburanumye, Neza and Safari, and Senkwekwe lead silver back a successor of Rugendo. Rugendo is the first group to be habituated alongside Rugabo and Zunguruka in 1985.The group was led by silverback Rugendo unfortunately they were killed by rebels in 2001 in Bukima area.

Rugendo is the father to the silverback in Virunga National park these including Ruzirabwoba, Humba, Mburanumwe, Nyakamwe, Mukunda, Baseka, Lubutu, Bahati, Kongomani and many more. After the death of Rugendo his son the silverback Senkwekwe took over leadership of the group until 2007 when he was murdered by rebels with other 5 other Gorillas.

The group remained without a leader for a couple of months until 2008 when Bukima silverback it took over its leadership. Bukima a member of Buhanga group and spent some time in Munyaga group before it was a silverback in 2005.Rugendo group was currently headed by silverback Rugendo  and composed of 9 individuals such as 3 silverbacks,1 Adult female,1 Blackback,2 babies,2 black backs. Rugendo group is found moving around Mikeno sector between Bikenge and Bukima areas of Virunga National park.