Questions on safari in Uganda during the AFCON 2027 season : Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, won the bid to jointly host AFCON 2027 and since the announcement came through, there is has been a lot of excitement among travellers inquiring about a lot of things about Uganda safaris. Well 2027 is technically four years from us and that means we still have some time to see if the winning of the bid by the three nations, actually comes to fruition.

But nonetheless it never to early to have some information; that’s why here below we answer some of the questions we have received, asking about the safaris in 2027.

  1. Shall there be tailor made safaris for 2027 AFCON travellers?

Yes of course; for as long as everything stays constant and the biggest football event in Africa comes to us, Achieve Global Safaris and all its sister companies will get to have customised safaris for the AFCON revellers and visitors.

  1. Can I use Achieve Global Safaris or its sister companies to book my accommodation and transport during the AFCON 2027?

Yes you can, The company services include safari tours, guide services, accommodation reservations, transport and driver services among others.

  1. Can I visit Uganda before the AFCON 2027 season?

Yes you can, and even the other countries, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo can be visited before, during and after the AFCON 2027 season.

Questions on safari in Uganda during the AFCON 2027 season
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  1. Will I need a different visa for safaris and watching AFCON games?

No, the beauty of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, they all use one tourist visa that lasts upto 90 days. so to answer the question, You don’t need a different visa – that one tourist visa is the one you will use while you stay in any of the three countries.

  1. What safaris should I look forward to during the AFCON 2027 season?

All safaris from mountain gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee trekking safaris, savannah wildlife safaris, big five safaris, hiking safaris, recreational safaris, etc.

  1. When should I book my AFCON 2027 safari?

Again we would like to re- echo that between now and 2027 a lot needs to done for the three East African countries to host the AFCON event but the odds look to be moving in the nations’ favour so we are hopefully the countries will get to host the football event.

And as we have witnessed more people visit a country when it hosts a big football event like AFCON meaning the safari slots and places are on high demand.

So to answer this question we advise you book for you Safari as soon as you can to avoid missing out.

  1. Can Achieve Global Safari oraginse for a me a Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania safari during that season?

Yes of course, Achieve Global Safaris has sister companies in Kenya and Tanzania so its totally very possible to have a 3 country safari under achieve global safaris.

  1. If I want to safari and watch games on the same day, will that be possible?

No, it wont be possible. This is because safari destinations are far from where there stadiums are, so you can not safari and watch games on the same day. But our tour consultants are dedicated to giving you the best itinerary to make sure you safari and still have enough time to enjoy the games while you are in the regions during that season.