Paraa safari lodge is located in the Northern part of Uganda in Murchison Falls National Park. In 1954, this lodge was established in Murchison falls national park and it is being handled under the Management of Marasa Africa, which is responsible for all other lodges and hotels in Uganda.

Paraa Safari lodge is one of the best lodge in the country, this lodge contains 54 rooms which are always available for the guests, and its rooms are ranged differently such as; there are double rooms, single rooms, twin, and suites so that to be able to reach each individuals preferences in order to provide comfort to their guests during their stay.  More so, each room in this lodge has air conditioning, a room service, wardrobe where guests can put their clothes, ironing services, laundry services,  a private bathroom, styled with materials, the rooms are decorated differently, aircrafts, and private balconies that emphasize on providing individuals with their privacy as they get satisfying views of the park.

Paraa safari lodge also has a 24 hour receptionist whose job is to answer any inquires and requests of the guests staying in the lodge in order for their guests to have whatever they need in time thus proving them with good and satisfying days of their stay.

During the stay of guests at this lodge, they are always offered with facilities such as;

Restaurant and Cuisine.

In Paraa safari lodge, there is a restaurant, which is found on the upper floor of the former main halls at the lodge. This restaurant provides its guests with mouthwatering meals which maybe international dishes to tourists who come from different countries, or Caucasian and the ethnic Uganda meals.  Visitors having their stay at this lodge are always encouraged to be free to communicate with the stuff at this restaurant and always inform them what they would love to have and they have to chance to either eat from inside the restaurant or outside on the balcony where they get to have stunning and beautiful views of the Nile.

Paraa safari lodge
Paraa safari lodge

 A Swimming pool.

Paraa safari lodge has a large and big enough swimming pool where its guests get to relax and it also has poolside bar where they get a cold cocktail to sip as they swim and this gives them a beautiful moment as they take a view of Murchison falls National Park and the Magnificent River Nile.

Conference facilities.

Paraa safari lodge offers its guests with conference rooms where they hold their workshops and meetings from which helps the guests to only relax but also keep their work moving.

Business Service centre.

The guests at Paraa safari lodge who are business people can get a chance to keep doing their work while on their vacations as they access the business center which is always open from 8:00am in the morning to 8:00pm in the evening and it is a convenient place for business being that it has printing facilities and always with 24-hour internet.

Gift shop.

At paraa, safari lodge there is a gift shop, which the guests can access at any time to buy materials they need such as; clothing’s, guidebooks and safari essentials. The guests even tend to buy stuff at the gift shop to take for their people back at home who be waiting for them.

The Explorer’s Bar.

At Paraa Safari lodge, there is a bar, which is located on the upper floor of the lodge just next to the restaurant, and it has an experienced and well-trained bar tender who is always present at the bar 24 hours. Guests who always enjoy drinking beer and cold cocktails during their free time, this is a good place for them to be.

Activities done while staying at Paraa Safari lodge.

Chimpanzee Trekking.

Visitors staying at Paraa Safari lodge can engage themselves in Chimpanzee trekking activities.  The best places to trek these chimpanzees can be in Kaniyo Pabidi forest, which is located just 56 kilometers just from Paraa lodge and Rabongo Forest where visitors take a drive of one and a half hours from the lodge to reach a forest where they get to explore by looking at the chimpanzees.


Guests who are bird lovers staying at paraa safari lodge will Visit Murchison Falls National Park which harbours over 451 bird species and visitors can get to see these birds which include; The White-tailed Lark, the Martial Eagle , the Rare Shoebill stork, and the African Fish Eagle and many others.

Hiking to Murchison Falls.

Visitors who are fit and have their interest in hiking activities can decide to Hike to the top of Murchison falls National Park immediately after the boat cruise where guests are left at Fajao Gorge.  The hike will take them about 45-60 minutes to reach at the top of the falls.

Paraa safari lodge
Paraa safari lodge


Visitors who want to go for fishing activities are encouraged to get their fishing permits from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which is located in the south of Paraa, and they are more advised to book their permits in time in order to avoid any conveniences. These fishing activities take place at Murchison Falls National park.

Game drives.

Guests staying at the lodge offered game drives and the guests who pick intrests in it can choose either to do a morning game drive, which begins at 7:00am in the morning, or opt to go for an evening game drive, which begins at 4:00pm in the evening, and usually these game drives take about 2-3 hours.

While the visitors are on the game drives, they explore through the Scenic Buligi area, which is found in the west of paraa to the Delta point where the Victoria Nile passes through heading to the Northern part of Lake Albert to become the Albert Nile.

Visitors on game drives get to enjoy and explore on the landscapes of the park with its wildlife. Visitors get an opportunity to see a number of wildlife animals such as; buffaloes, antelopes, Impala, Zebras, Jackson’s hartebeest, leopards, lions, giraffes, oribis, and elephants and many more.

More so, visitors staying at Paraa Safari lodge can involve themselves in other activities during their stay such as; Hot air balloons safaris, bush breakfast, boat cruise to the delta, and guided nature walks.

How to get to Paraa Safari Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park.

Paraa Safari lodge is located in Murchison Falls National Park, which is in the Northern part of Uganda. Visitors can travel to Paraa Safari lodge by use of either road or Air transport. In addition, while visitors use road transport, they can take a drive, which takes them about five, and a half hours by using the Kampala- Masindi highway road to reach the Paraa safari lodge.

Air Transport.

Travelers who do not prefer to take long trips can take their flights from Entebbe International Airport to Pakuba Airfields. When they reach Pakuba airfields, they must take a drive of about 45 minutes, which will lead them straight to the lodge.

Paraa Safari lodge is a good destination for tourists who want to spend a good time relaxing, or family vacation, a honeymoon and it also gives a great opportunity to explore around the nature and wildlife around Murchison Falls National Park which is known to be the Largest National Park in the country, Book with our tour operators to have the best offers during your stay at Paraa Safari Lodge.