Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs Cultural Site : This is among the renowned cultural tourists you can visit on your Uganda cultural safaris. Nnamasole Kanyange tombs are found in Buganda kingdom and it is where the mother of King Ssuuna II was buried. This site is located up on the hilltop just opposite Wamala in Kagoma – Kawempe approximately thirty minutes from the center of Kampala – the capital city of Uganda. Namasole is the title of the King’s mother in the Buganda kingdom

Her son Kabaka Ssuuna II – Kalema – Kasinjo – Mukaabya – Sekkyungwa – Muteesa – Sewankambo – Walugembe – Mig’ekyaamye – Lukeberwa – Kyetutumula – Magulunyondo – Luwambya – Omutanda – Sseggwanga served as king of Buganda kingdom from 1832 up to 1856. He served as the twenty ninth Buganda Kabaka.

Kabaka Ssuuna II ascended on the Buganda throne at just the age of 12 years. He was a very handsome boy, who took after the beauty of his beloved mother; Nnamasole Nakkazi Kannyange believed to be among the most beautiful women at the time in the kingdom.

Nnamasole Nakazi – mother of Kabaka Ssuuna a Muganda from the Mamba clan was the most respected and admired woman in the Royal Court of kabaka Ssuuna. She has a very beautiful woman and because of that, his crowned son Ssuuna changed her name to Kanyange.

Relationship between Kind Ssuna and his mother.

When Suuna II was crowned a Buganda king – Kabaka, he constructed a very nice place for his mother just opposite his residential palace. It is said that he did this because of his overwhelming love he had for his mother and not being able to stand staying away from his beloved mother. Others people believe that he did this simply to keep close watch of his mother who was very beautiful. In fact Nnamasole Kanyange was very powerful in the Royal court at that time.

How king Ssuuna defied Traditions

In Buganda, since time memorial it was tradition that once a prince was crowned a king (Kabaka), he would never see his mother ever again for the rest of his life. However, Kabaka Ssuuna II defied this tradition and allowed visits from his beloved mother. It is said that whenever Nnamasole Kanyange felt like seeing her son, she would sound drums and when the Kabaka would hear them, he would understand the message. This was their mode of communication.

Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs Cultural Site
Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs Cultural Site

These drums, which are over one hundred years old are being well kept at this site and during your visit to this place you will get an opportunity to see them. Before she died, she chose a new Nnamasole to carry on her royal responsibilities. Today the descendants of this place are carrying on within the royal responsibilities there.

Today, these tombs are a significant cultural site where Buganda rituals and ceremonies are performed. The hold that ‘sacred’ drum used to call the spirit of Ssuuna. There is a nice historical walk that leads to the Wamala tombs, and while here, you will be able to retrace the steps that Nnamasole Kanyange and Kabaka Ssuuna followed while visiting each other.