The word “Nnamasole” refers to the mothers of Kabakas (Kings of Buganda). The Kanyange Nnamasole Tombs hold the remains of Nnamasole Kanyange, the mother to Kabaka Suuna II, whose body was laid in Wamala Tombs. Kanyange Nnamasole Tombs are not far away from Wamala Tombs, they are situated on a hill adjacent to a valley to the Wamala Tombs. Its a must visit for cultural safaris in Uganda.


More Nnamasoles were also buried in this tomb making it a very vital place in Buganda especially for Ganda rituals and traditional ceremonies. One of these tombs holds a sanctified drum that is used to request the presence of Kabaka Suuna II’s spirit. A trek to the traditional Wamala tombs recites the prints that Nnamasole Kanyange and Suuna II used for visiting one another.

Nnamasole Kanyange Tombs is situated at a place called Kagoma in Kyadondo county of Buganda, along the Kampala – Bombo highway, approximately a 13 kilometers’ drive from Kampala city ( about 30 minutes from Kampala depending on the traffic jam)

The Nnamasoe Baagalayaze Tombs holds the remains of Nnamasole Baagalayaze, a mother to King Mwanga II, who was laid to rest in the year 1916. Nnamasole Baagalayaze was always hailed by the Baganda and was famous for her bounteous character. Baagalayaze Tombs and its surroundings have turned into a traditional place where celebrations are held by the Buganda people about history of Buganda. A lot of traditional practices like story telling, traditional dances and music happen at this spot.

Unlike Kanyange Tombs, Baagalayaze Tombs are situated at a place called Mpererwe in Busiro County of Buganda, along the Kampala – Gayaza highway. The journey is less approximately 20 Kilometers when coming from Kampala (about 30 minutes from Kampala depending on the traffic jam).

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