Supported by a very large and strong root buttresses, the Nakayima tree is one of strongest and oldest trees in existence today. This tree that is claimed to have been planted by Nakayima, a wife to Ndahura (a local ruler of the Bacwezi) dates over four hundred years ago. It is from this tree that residents seek local herbs and blessings besides thanking the gods or communicating their problems to them. Your can visit this tree on your Uganda safaris especially if your itinerary has Kibale Forest National Park among its destinations.

Nakayima Tree

The Nakayima tree is found in Mubende hill, an area that was giverned by one of the ancient Chwezi rulers, Ndahura. Ndahura is claimed to have settled around this area for so many years before handing over the ownership to one of his sons identified as Wamala.

Nakayima tree is so far the most famous attraction on Mubende Hill up to now and is claimed to hold the spirit of Ndahura (the god of small pox), reason why it has stayed existent for all the years. The tree got it’s name after a series of traditional practices like witchcraft besides naming it after the person who planted it, Nakayima (Ndahura’s wife).

Nakayima Tree

It’s claimed Nakayima wasn’t only a keeper of the tree, but was also a medium through which the spirit of Ndahura would communicate to the community. She was always possessed by the spirit of Ndahura and get small pox for a good number of days until the Ndahura’s spirit leaves her body.

Nakayima is also claimed to have had mystic powers that made her able to restore small pox victims to full health by treating them. She would also treat other diseases that wouldn’t be treated by any other herbalists around the community besides blessing barren women with children.

Nakayima Tree is located on the extreme top of Mubende Hill along Kampala – Fort portal highway and approximately 3.8 kilometers from Mubende Town and 181 kilometers from Kampala.