Just a small distance of approximately a thrity minutes drive from Kampala City, the unbroken view of the whole region surrounding the hill at Naggalabi Coronation Site in Buddo is the background hinge of Buganda Kingdom. It’s claimed the nativity of Buganda Kingdom stretches from this same spot reason why they have maintained it as a coronation site. You should consider visiting this site during your Uganda travel holidays.


Buganda Kingdom was born from here at the genesis of the 14th – 15th century and it is from here that every King of Buganda is still crowned. At Naggalabi Coronation site you can explore the main sanctified sites and literally trek in the marks of the precedent and present Kabakas.

Naggalabi Buddo, is a spot where the Kings of Buganda Kingdom have have been enthroned for the past eight hundred years. History claims Ganda rituals are held on Buddo Hill because it was from here the first King of Buganda Kingdom, Kintu put his brother, Bemba to death and announced himself Kabaka of Buganda around the 13th Century A.D.

Naggalabi is one of the most relevant spots in Buganda, and falls right at the hinge of the Kingdom. It is from this spot that the current Kabaka, Ssabasajja Kabaka Ronald Kimera Mutebi II was enthroned in the year 1993. The spot is extremely amazing with an unbroken view of the whole region and surroundings.

A small forest blows the hill and creates for it a cool atmosphere. From this hill you can also clear view of certain segments of Mpigi district, Kampala district and Wakiso district not forgetting the great Lake Victoria.

Besides bearing much value for Buganda Kingdom, Naggalabi slots on the array of the vital tourist sites in the country especially to Buganda. Nagalabi coronation site is situated at Nagalabi in Busiro County of Buganda right along the Kampala – Masaka highway. The trip should take you approximately 20 minutes by road while driving from Kampala.