Murchison Falls National Park fees for 2024 : There is always something to learn about when it comes to the pearl of Africa and with its numerous safari destinations there is quite exciting ventures to explore and engage in while you are in Uganda.

One of the most famous destinations in Uganda to have a thrilling adventure from is the great Murchison falls national park, the national park gives you great views of many animals and a once in a life time opportunity to witness the world’s strongest waterfalls – the Murchison Falls.

Murchison falls is made up thousands thrilling flora and fauna to marvel at as you get to know more about Uganda sighting lots of these will surely allow you to accept that Murchison falls should be your first choice of adventure destination.

Some of the fauna to sight while at the Murchison falls national are so eye catching and these include Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard aside the animals the national park also provides a number of activities that you can do which also include a wonderful opportunity to stop by the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and see the rhinos – thus ticking off a member of the African Big Five which is the only one not found in Murchison Falls National Park.

And for that case below are the Murchison falls national park fees of all those activities that you should know about.

Below are Murchison Falls National Park entry and activities fees for the year 2022 (effective July 2022)

Tourist entry fees (per person)

Entry feeUSDUGX
International visitor (Foreign Non Resident) – Adults45
International visitor Children 5 – 15 years25
Foreign Resident35
Foreign Residents children 5 – 15 years15
East African citizens25,000
East African citizens children 5 – 15 years10,000

Children below 5 years do not pay entry fees

Park entry fees are valid for 24 hours from the time of entering the park. For example, if you check into the park at 11am, your entry expires 11am the following day, beyond that is another day that requires payment.

It does not matter whether your accommodation is outside the park, once you have checked into the park and exit your entry is still valid and can get back in any time in the day for activities (park gates close at 7pm).

Car entry fees

Type of carForeignUgandan Registered
Saloon cars4020,000
Minibuse, Omni-buses5030,000
Tour Company vehicles & 4-wheel drive150100,000
Buses & Lorries20030,000
School buses50,000

Activities and prices

Day self-game drive per private car (with no park guide)101010,000
Day guided game drive per private car (with a park guide)201520,000
Night guided game drive per person (using park guides is mandatory for night drives)302050,000
Hiring park game drive car for Day game drive – per person302530,000
Hiring park game drive car for Night game drive – per person403540,000
Boat cruise to the bottom of the falls302530,000
Top of the falls walk – per person151010,000
Viewing top of the falls – per person101010,000
Viewing top of the falls for tertiary institutions/universities –  per personn/an/a5,000
Viewing top of the falls for secondary students –  per personn/an/a2,000
Day nature walk – per person151010,000
Sport fishing permit  – 1 day5050$50
Annual fishing permit300

Accommodation run by the park (Uganda Wildlife Authority)

Students (within a group)5,000


Murchison Falls National Park fees for 2024
Murchison Falls N.P safari

Fines and Penalties

Off-tracking driving fine$150 (per person in the vehicle, to be incurred by the driver)
Over speeding (speed limit is 40km/hr)UGX 100,000 per incident
Animal accident fee (road kill)$500
Littering in the parkUGX 100,000 per incident
Hooting in the parkUGX 100,000 per incident
Sitting on top of the vehicle$100 per incident