Munyaga gorilla group is found in Bukima area of Virunga, the park in Democratic Republican of Congo. The Silverback Munyaga is a lone wild silverback before 1998.In 1998. Munyaga met Buhanga group then headed by the adult female Nsekuye he later on took advantage of the absence of a dominant silverback in the group and made himself the leader.

Munyaga Gorilla Group

Kabirizi group was interacted with the Munyaga not until Munyaga lost all his females to Kabirizi. Munyaga disappeared for two years, following his disappearance; Mawazo took over leadership oof the group until today. The group is made up of 9 individuals including the 3 silverbacks, 2 Adult females, 2 juveniles and 2 babies.

Munyaga Gorilla family in Virunga National Park, The group is located in Bukima close to Goma and 7 gorillas with 2 silver backs.

The family is led by Munyaga the silverback and dominant adult female Bilali. She was from a group called Rugendo after she decided to join, the two had babies however both passed on and died.

During that time Munyaga disappeared and as now, the group under the silver back Mawazo lived with Buhanga until 1997 and joined Karatega then went back to Buhanga in 1998 a month later he joined the Munyaga family.