Mount Mikeno is an inert volcano found completely in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mount Mikeno forms part of the Virunga massif, a range of both active and extinct volcanoes that are shared by 3 countries. These blessed countries are Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo. They are blessed in a way that they are the only places on earth to house the amazing mountain gorillas.

Mount Mikeno along with seven others like Mount Sabinyo, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Nyiragongo, and Mount Bisoke form a stringent of mountains that have become famous not only because of the gorillas but also the remarkable beauty, rich biodiversity in form of various bird species, butterflies, rare monkey species amongst others and its lovely climate.

Mount Mikeno stands at 4,437 meters high Mount Mikeno is only second to Mount Karisimbi in height in the Virunga ranges and ranks as the 13th highest mountain in Africa. Mount Mikeno in the local dialect stands for “poor or mean” and this awful name for this incredible Mountain is attributed to its brutal slopes, which inhibit people residing and using its slopes for agriculture.

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Mount Mikeno is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourism sites in DR Congo. This is credited with the presence of the threatened mountain gorillas with approximately less than 1000 individuals out in the wild. The presence of these few still primates is due to the tremendous efforts of Dr. Dian Fossey who committed her life to conserve and create awareness about the dangers these gentle giants were facing from poaching and encroachment on their territory. Her efforts draw numerous visitors to get encounter these magnificent creatures.

There are a number of tourist activities that can engage in while visiting this beautiful Mountain. Guests can either opt for Mountain gorilla trekking, remarkable hiking, or cultural encounters to visit natives who dwell in the nearby villages.

Mountain Gorilla trekking – Gorilla trekking is a famous holiday experience that draws numerous guests to the Virunga region and particularly to the Virunga national park. Mountain gorillas are the biggest and most elusive primate species followed by chimpanzees. They also share more than 95% of our DNA, portraying a few of our traits in their daily behaviors like caring and grooming for each other and social bonding and curiosity. Virunga national park near Mount. Mikeno offers you wonderful opportunities to behold and interact with these gentle giants.

The Democratic Republic of Congo offers visitors the best chances of gorilla trekking experiences with the cheapest gorilla permit rates and fewer crowds as compared to other gorilla harboring destinations. A gorilla trekking experience in DR Congo is one of the opportunities not to miss out when visiting Mountain Mikeno.

Hiking Mount Mikeno – Visitors to Mount Mikeno can be guaranteed a lifetime hiking experience when you visit these ranges.  Mikeno holds the reputation of being one the most challenging mountains to hike due to its brutal terrain as indicated by its local name “Mikeno” (poor or mean). This is rewarding to hikers because it poses a challenge to conquer one of the toughest peaks on the African continent.

Hiking Mount Mikeno
Hiking Mount Mikeno

Your reward is adding to your prestigious list of conquered mountains plus a beautiful view of the western arm of the great East African rift valley that is still developing even with the fact of being over 30 million years old.

In addition to this, you get breathtaking views of the sacred lakes and dense forests that keep the mighty mountain gorillas. Be on the lookout for unique primate species dwelling in the Virunga national park like the monkeys, baboons and if you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of golden monkeys. Birders can be rewarded with unique bird species that can be viewed on the trails as well as different butterfly species.

Best time to visit Mount Mikeno.

The best time to visit Mikeno is during drier months of June to September and then January through to February. This offers you the opportunity of hiking with lesser challenges like less slippery tracks and favorable weather plus the clearest view of the great East African rift valley.