Mapuwa Gorilla group is found in Jomba near Bunagana, the group was named after the silverback Mapuwa. This silverback has acquired power which he has used to protect his family by all means through violence struggles.

Mapuwa Gorilla Group

His son is called Rugendo, who is also a leader in Rugendo group named after him. Rugendo left his father’s group in the 1998, and started his own family. He took along with him 2 adult females named Mafaze and Jicho. Due to his continuous fights, the silverback Mapuwa has acquired more members from other groups’.

Pilipili, the strongest and well known silverback in Virunga was stripped of all his members in 2002, leaving him alone to protect the family.

In Addition Mapuwa has been grabbing individuals from other groups however his group members have given birth hence leading to the increase of Gorilla members.

Currently the silverback Mvuyekure is the dominant Silverback in the group. Leading a total of 22 member gorillas in Mapuwa group.