Malaria prophylaxis is a preventive treatment of malaria. Malaria prophylaxis is always recommended for travelers on safaris to Uganda and other countries that have high rates of malaria in general to prevent them from falling sick whilst on their Uganda safari trips.

Malaria prophylaxis

When you embark on your Uganda Safari, we expect the best for you and always try to rule out any uncertainties that may arise and interrupt with the fun of your trip. One of the uncertainties is falling sick of Malaria. Uganda being a tropical country, the rate of malaria is quite high though it declines each year due to certain improvements in health sectors. One weird fact is many travelers often ignore to take Malaria prophylaxis or any other malarial preventive strategies before embarking on their Uganda safari which puts them at a high risk of falling sick whilst on their safari in Uganda.

As per Uganda Travel Tips, carrying malarial preventive medication is one of the most recommended trips. If you fail to carry one then communications have to be made early to any of our tour consultants and we shall arrange for you Malaria prophylaxis from here so that your least worried while on your Uganda safari.

Another alternative can be taking anti-malarial medication before your safari only that the effect is quite stronger compared to the ones of Malaria prophylaxis but does help equally. Uganda National Parks like Bwindi Forest National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and more harbor a lot of mosquitoes but through malarial preventive measures, the risk of getting malaria is lowered to the extreme.

Malaria prophylaxis

We at Habari Uganda Tours mind much about your health that’s why we emphasize it. If you have always been worried of getting malaria whilst on your Uganda trip then you should worry less because we take several malarial preventive strategies to ensure you don’t fall sick while on your safari in Uganda.