Malaba Border Crossing -Uganda Vs Kenya Destination

Malaba border crossing; Malaba refers to as a big town that sits on the main Nairobi -Kampala highway, approximately 129 kilometers by road, west of Eldoret and the nearest large city. More so, it is located about 438 kilometers northwest of Nairobi capital –Kenya’s Largest city and the town lies at an altitude of 3,871 feet above sea level.

Both Malaba and Busia towns are located between Uganda and Kenya which are used by thousands of truck drivers every day and to many of these drivers can spend a few days to several days at the border whereas the trucks can be loaded with new goods while customs processes are cleared down which is often spent in the company of commercial sex workers.

 However, Malaba is a famous international border crossing to access Kenya, travelling Uganda Vs Kenya. This border is open 24/7 to allow travelers to cross in normal a way. The only times these checkpoints are closed are during emergencies and crises like for periods during emergencies and crises like the difficult time we went through.

This border is massive to the international travelers traveling from Uganda vice versa to Kenya. You can still reach the main destination by air or Land, through crossing the border at appointed checkpoint. Travelers -a Ugandan citizen can take a trip to the other side of the frontiers to backpackers in such a way of touring around Africa and many people are seen crossing the Kenya- Uganda border each day.

Note; There are a number of Kenya –Uganda border crossing points that travelers use to access between the two East African States. Although not all of them can be crossed using a Kenya EVisa. And there is a quick guide traveler can need to know first about the land border crossing between Kenya and Uganda.

Border in Use Between Kenya and Uganda

Apart from Malaba the most used border, there are other 4 Kenya –Uganda border points where travelers may cross from one country into other. They include; Busia, Lokitanyala, Lwakhakha and Suam.

When it comes to look at a map of the Kenya-Uganda border, all of these town except from Lokitanyala are found along the southern half of the frontier.

 Among the above mentioned borders –the main checkpoint is the Malaba and Busia border crossings, and both sit on main road between Uganda and Kenya. Trains can be seen crossing at Malabaj which is operated by Rift Valley Railway.

Distance Between Uganda and Kenya Like;

The Kenya-Uganda border enlarge for 772 Kilometers with 5 crossing points. Of these, three are located in small town that provides entry mainly for locals who are border crossing for work and other useful businesses. Then, the two crossing points are in the sizable towns of Busia and Malaba. The Malaba and Busia are the main crossing points for goods and passengers and also support thousands of trucks pass through these towns on daily basis and stop at the border while customs check take place.

Malaba Border Crossing
Malaba Border Crossing

There are also various bus routes that pass through the towns taking passengers across the border.

 Malaba Kenya –Uganda border crossing point;

The Kenya –Uganda border town of Malaba is one of the busiest border crossing between the two countries. North of Busia and East of Tororo but Uganda is the most convenient checkpoint for those travelling from Uganda to Eldorest.

More about, Malaba border is wide with a round 1 kilometers between the Kenyan and Ugandan border posts. Travelers crossing can access this distance on both foot or by boda-boda’ ’bicycle taxi’’.

Regular buses that runs from Kampala to Eldoret crosses at Malaba border.

Matatus traveling transport   also run between Malaba and Nairobi on the Kenyan side and to Kampala on the Ugandan side while on Uganda Tours.

Is it easy to cross from Uganda to Kenya?

Crossing the land borders from Uganda to Kenya is totally easy by providing the traveler has the correct documents and permissions to access the country.

 Travelers can still travel by one of the various bus services that pass between the two countries.

Upon arrival at the border, all passengers on bus are requires to disembark and cross the border on foot or boda-boda while the bus services are officials.

These are the most required personnel valid document, one must present in at the border control officers, along with other useful travel documents.

It the Kenya -Uganda Malaba border open on Sunday? It is easy to border cross on Sunday?

The Kenya –Uganda border crossing point can be open 24/7 to allow travelers to cross in normal circumstances.

Unfortunately, these check points were closed for the period of two years due to the pandemic of Covid-19 ‘’2019-21 or during any emergencies and crises. In times of crises, it’s very important to check whether the border is closed or not and if so, you do research when the Kenya –Uganda border re-opens.

Entry border documentation needed at Kenya –Uganda

Travelers crossing the Kenya –Uganda border will need   valid documents to do so, as follows;

Passport –National Identification for East African members –This helps to identify their nationality.

Visa and Yellow fever vaccination certificate

The nationals of East African Member ‘’EAC’’ member states do not require a Visa to enter Kenya and Uganda. East Africa Countries include; Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda. Travelers with a national identification cards are the only member who can enter the border while using a National Identity instead of passport.

Travelers must be updated all the time to check the vaccinations required for Kenya.

Recommendations –Kenya- Uganda Border Crossings.

When crossing the border between Kenya and Uganda, it is quite good bear a few things in mind.

Although ,sometime buses may seem to be a handy way to get Kampala to Nairobi and those who book a VIP seat can travel in comfortable travel .The prices vary  from the travelling time.

It is very important to ensure all the necessary Visas for any other countries, like a visa Uganda may not cover entry to Tanzania.

Fortunately, we advise all the travelers to takes all their valuable carefully and keep them as personal, rather than forgetting them in the bus. For this matter, travelers should be ready to cross the border from Uganda and enjoy their trip to Kenya destination.