Lulengo gorilla group, this GRP lives in the areas of jomba in VNP nearby Bunagana boarder. This group was once called Musekura, however it later on changed to Lulengo, the name is derived from a Silverback this was in memory of the Technical Director of Virunga National park.

Lulengo Gorilla Group

The technician was killed in a land mine during the time this Silverback, Lulengo was born I’m Rugabo group,which was the first habituated Mountain Gorilla Group Mikeno sector. During this period the Silverback Rugabo was the leader of Rugabo group who was once the father of the Silverback of Lulengo.

In 1994, Rugabo was shot by poachers in the times of the Great Lakes Refugee Crisis.  After the death, of Rugabo the family was left in the hands of by then the black back Lulengo, who is now a Silverback and leader of the group. There are 9 members in Lulengo group.