Lion Tracking Experience in Uganda

Lion Tracking Experience in Uganda is one of the most enjoyed tourist activity in Queen Elizabeth national park while on a Uganda safari. This is a unique activity and the best way to get closer to the King of the Jungle and only conducted in Queen Elizabeth national park situated in western part of Uganda. Lion tracking experience is a research program where the ions to be traced have trackers around their neck for easy tracking. Nowadays travelers on a Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth national park usually add lion tracking experience to their travel bucked since it is guaranteed to spot the lions in their natural habitat within this beautiful savanna park. Lion tracking in Uganda is managed by the Uganda Carnivore Program which is responsible for the conservation of carnivorous mammals in Uganda including the lions, hyenas and leopards. Sometimes we get complaints of guests who miss to spot lions in Queen Elizabeth national park during the game drive. However, with the lion tracking experience, guests are on a sure deal of seeing these lions since they are allowed to drive off track following the tracker until they spot the lions.

How many people are allowed to track lions in Uganda?

You could be wondering about the exact number of people allowed to track lions, well a few people are allowed to take on this lion tracking experience since they usually put all people in one safari vehicle unlike for game drive where everyone use their own vehicles. This is done to avoid stressing out animals in their natural setting and as well enable tourist to really enjoy this experience at ease without congesting the park. All tourists who are in the experience have to pay at least 12 hours in advance such their slots in the vehicle are booked and confirmed. 

How long does lion tracking experience last?

Lion tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth national park is conducted either early in the morning or late in the evening lasting about 3 hours. Thus while making payment in Mweya at visitor’s center, you have to inform them of the shift you intend to track lions either morning or evening.

How much is Lion tracking experience in Uganda?

To participate in Lion tracking experience, foreigners part $100 while Ugandans and East African Community member state members pay 100,000 Ugandan shillings which caters for conservation as the 10% of this amount goes direct to the Uganda Carnivorous Project. However, this cost of lion tracking excludes park entrance fees which as of 2021 costs $40 for foreign nonresidents, $30 for foreign residents and Ugandan shillings 20,000 for Ugandans and other members of East African community states.

Other experiments done in Queen Elizabeth national park include Hippo Census done at Kazinga channel, Mongoose Tracking within Mweya peninsula as well as Bird Counting among others.

Queen Elizabeth national park however, offers other breath taking safari activities which include;

Game drive safaris that is enjoyed in different parts of Queen Elizabeth national park including within the kasenyi plains where most of day game drives are conducted with an opportunity of spotting as many wildlife species as possible such as Mammals like Elephants, Buffaloes, Uganda kob, warthogs, waterbucks, Hippos, lions, leopards and many more without forgetting abundant of birdlife that thrill in plains of Kasenyi the most stunning savanna part of Queen Elizabeth national park. Other game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park are conducted within Ishasha sector where tree climbing lions are always spotted hanging lazily with the tree branches of acacia and fig trees.  In Africa, another population of tree climbing lions can be found in Lake Manyara national park Tanzania.

Boat cruise safaris are as well other fascinating activities enjoyed in Queen Elizabeth national park. This adventure in conducted along the Kazinga channel that is shared by both Uganda and Congo. While cruising on the Kazinga channel, look out for schools of Hippos, Crocodiles and other wildlife along the shores like buffaloes, Elephants and many more. 

Chimpanzee trekking tours in Queen Elizabeth national park are conducted either in Kyambura gorge or in Kalinzu forest offering a breath taking encounter with the habituated chimpanzees in their nature habitats. 

Birding is as well another enjoyable activity done in Queen Elizabeth national park. Birding can well be combined with the Lin tracking experience, guided walk, chimpanzee trekking, game drive, and boat cruise safaris among others since the park thrills with several species of birds that can be watched all year round.


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