Lewa Wildlife Conservancy:  Visit one of the top attractive areas on Kenya Safari destination take a visit to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. This conservancy is popularly a home to big 5 Animals, which is located in northern Kenya and was established in 1995 to protect a wild range of animals that sits on around 62,000 acres ‘’250 square kilometers’’ which is now a home to wide number of wildlife species including endangered black rhinos, Grevy’s zebras and sitatunga.  Above all, Lewa is also home to big five species   such as Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and Cape buffoes. Just know Lewa holds around 12 percentage of Kenya’s eastern black rhinoceros’ population and the largest single population of Grevy’s zebras in the world with total of about 350 individuals as well as home to the Northern Rangelands Trust, part of its land was given by number of communities to the north who gave in its land for the preservation of wildlife. The conservancy has also done great effort like supporting education program that help develop schools and students.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy lies in Meru County in south to Isiolo town but north of Mount Kenya.

Historically, Lewa was Douglas family who allocated the land by the British colonial government in 1922 and it was managed as cattle ranch for over 50 years. But unlike many other ranchers in the area, they had always valued the wildlife so they had to share the land with the cattle thus developing wildlife tourism as an additional activity.

Although the conservancy face a threatening of wildlife that has led to its decline includes; poaching, robbery, cattle rustling and banditry.

 Due to its beautiful landscape that owns paradise of rare and amazing wildlife thus offering exclusive stunning safari experiences.

Activities to do in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Visit Local Schools

This is a true conservation that work hand in hand to bring change and development    in the communities on things concerning about education. Their education program has power to transform the fate of communities through educating their children and generation to come. On visit here, you can go visit students and school staffs to learn more about the educational opportunities. Through providing to their needs.


Security here is under operations, as they provide rangers who monitors wildlife at Lewa and the neighboring conservancies in partnership with the Northern Rangelands Trust.

Conserving Education

 They also conserve Education Center that aligns with Kenya ‘s National Conservation Curriculum thus providing a great opportunity for school children in the region to learn conservation principles which can be done outside of the classroom.

Water Supply

 The  Lewa have done a great effort through offering water access to the local communities and their livestock.

Trained Security Dog /Tracker Dog

 They are much proud of their trained tracker dog unit in the area. These are fabulous animals which help in regard to follow the victim left at a crime scene thus leading Lewa’s security team directly to those who engage in the crime.

Elephant Underpass /Visit Elephants

 You will visit a home research team and learn more about   conserving the wildlife and people to co-exist. The underpass was built by Lewa to allow elephants to safely travel their traditional migratory route without disrupting communities that surrounds the area or going into a dangerous freeway.

Game viewing

The park is a home of big fives and other mammals, where you can be able to engage in game drive to experience more of the wildlife of this area.

 Where to stay;

Travelers shouldn’t get worried on where to stay here, Lewa has got a lot of comfortable lodges where you can enjoy life in wilderness under the brightening sky of African Jungle such lodges includes Lewa Wilderness, Elewana Lewa Safari Camp, Sirikoi Lodge and Sirai House among other, Ranging from Luxury, Mid-range and Budget.

Sirikoi Lodge

 This lodge is a small owned family owned safari lodge, that offers unrivalled exclusivity and charm. It also has four luxury tents, Sirikoi Cottage and private Sirikoi House which are perfectly located along the spring-fed Sirikoi stream and engage in nature with wildlife all around.

Sirai House

This is also interesting sleeping area for the tourists who visits on safari. The lodge offers facilities that are associated with a world class resort, designed with the cocoon which look like ambience and it’s a private home that set in a flourishing game conservancy.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
Sirai House

Elewana Lewa Safari Camp

 This camp is located in amazing location within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. However, the camp offers authentic comfort luxury and privileged access to 65,000 acres of privately protected wilderness of Lewa.

Lewa Wilderness

This is one of the Kenya’s original safari ventures and Lewa wilderness is a Craig’s family home that offers an array of Explore Kenya safari in true style and comfort.