Laikipia Plateau; This is a landmark safari adventure that sprawls on the rims of the Northern Kenyan Frontier, stretching from the slopes of Mount Kenya to the edge of the Great Rift Valley opposite Laikipia Plateau. The nature around is made up of ranches and conservancies, which is over time conservationists with an effort to create a place for communities and wildlife to exist hand in hand to maintain and protect biodiversity in the region.

Its offers with a wide range of gainful shadow of the snow-capped silhouette of Mount Kenya that create a tranquil and setting where game drives adventure takes place such as black rhino, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffes and wild dog with few other vehicles in sight.

Laikipia plateau is known as an important wildlife area inhabitant with a mosaic of farm and cattle ranches, conservationists and ranchers which have worked together in this wildlife refuges that has impacted large numbers of game. Steeped in history from the colonial days in Kenya well it’s a significant natural area for a safari and conservation perspective.

Depending on visitor’s interest, can enjoy variety of ranches and conservancies. Since it’s a wildlife area with significant of Lewa Downs and Borana, at the same time known as a protective paradise for the endangered black rhino; with ranches and conservancies which are located further north but more focused on community and adventurous activities like horseback riding camel and walking safaris. A great location to explore the wilder north and fabulous lakes of Kenya.

Laikipia Plateau
Laikipia Plateau

Generally, Laikipia plateau is found in Laikipia county one of the 47 countries of Kenya, that lies on the Equator in the former Rift Valley province of the country. Well Laikipia is listed as county number 31. This county lies between low latitude of about 0 -18 degrees Celsius south and 0 – 51 degrees Celsius North and between longitude 36 degrees Celsius 11 and 37 degrees Celsius 24 East.  Meanwhile, the laikipia country comprises of dry Laikipia Plateau which experiences of a cool, temperate climate with both rainy and dry seasons.

Laikipia Plateau can also be located along the foothills of Mount Kenya in the east to the Great Rift Valley in the west, Laikipia plateau acts as a tourist attraction that represents a community of private sanctuaries and landowners that protects more of the endangered animals than other safari places in Kenya.

Activities to do in Laikipia Plateau trip

 Wildlife viewing

 Laikipia plateau offers a remarkable wildlife viewing great opportunities since it hosts all the big five Animals such as lions, elephants, buffalos, leopard and inhabits both black rhino and white rhinos. You can also have a great chances of spotting nocturnal creatures like genet, bush baby and aardvark among others.


This is all about the gainful view of snowcapped peak of Mount Kenya looms over Laikipia Plateau. But the semi-arid plains are interrupted by basalt outcrops and lush as well as forested slopes. The Ewaso Nyiro and Ewaso Narok rivers that goes through the plateau via spectacular rock gorges.

Weather & Climate

The climate around is also another tourist attraction, meaning the temperature around Laikipia Plateau doesn’t change much from month to month. The variation doesn’t change due to the two seasons that governs the plateau’s climate .The area experiences two seasons dry and wet seasons ;Dry season which occurs from June to September and Wet season from October to May.

Laikipia Plateau
Laikipia Plateau

Best Time to Go;

The best time to travel Kenya Safaris mainly a visit to Laikipia Plateau starts from June to September and December to March it’s when the area is dry thus making it easy adventure. Visiting in drier months’ animals are easier to spot in the absence of long grass and roads are in good conditions.

Wet Season/ Visit in wet season

You can choose to visit during wet seasons which starts from October to May, excellent for bird watching and best time to see migratory bird species. The reserve can be less busy with tourists in the area marking accommodation rates lower. It’s a great season for many newborn animals.

Scenery is lush and clear with stunning views of Mount Kenya when the clouds lift.

Off road driving becomes difficult

The grass grow long thus making