Kwita Izina, is a Rwandan culture and tradition for centuries. The government of Rwanda Development Board, and collaboration with various conservation partners and local communities, the mountain Gorilla and their habitat, the old naming century’s tradition was modeled on these species to get the national brand known as ‘Kwita Izina”.

Kwita Izina

The gorillas play a significant role in the on-going program of monitoring each individual gorilla in their families and habitat.

Kwita Izina, is a very unique event with the main aim of creating awareness of conservation efforts for endangered mountain Gorilla. This ceremony is the official gorilla naming of a new born baby carried out with little awareness amidst the rangers, public and researchers that always monitor these unique animals on daily basis.

Kwita Izina is an international ceremony attended by thousands of international, regional and local participants over the years. The Rwanda and conservation partners have donated substantial resources to gorilla conservation

Each Gorilla born is celebrated in a very exciting event at the foothills of the Virunga Mountains. Tourism mainly is focused on natural environments that keep growing in the tourism industry in Rwanda.

This contributes in a positive manner to social –economic development and environmental protection, uncontrolled tourism growth this has caused environmental degradation, destruction of fragile ecosystems and social and cultural conflicts undermining.