Kigali City Rwanda : Kigali City is one of the cleanest city in African continent and is the capital city of Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. Rwanda is one of the landlocked countries in Africa situated in the East African region where it boarders with Uganda the pearl of Africa, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.  Apart from its beautiful city, Rwanda thrills with several stunning attractions including the stunning rolling hills with beautiful terraces, waterbodies like Lakes, Rivers, beautiful culture, and abundant of wildlife species making it one of the top destination to visit while on your Africa safari.

Kigali City

Kigali city is dominated by the Banyarwanda people who thrill with 3 ethnic groups of the Batutsi, Bahutu and Batwa pygmies. Kigali City stands on a land area of about 730 kilometers covered with stunning structure of both modern and ancient buildings that give the entire city a unique and spackling view to the visitors on a Rwanda safari especially during the city tour.

Kigali City was founded in 1907 by Richard who was a German explorer and in 1962, Kigali became a capital city of Rwanda after when the country became independent and has become one of the best cities to explore in Africa. Kigali City acts as the center of several tourism and business activities in Rwanda since it has developed transport means including Kigali International airport, better roads and many more.

What to do and see in Kigali City

Kigali city thrills lots a burgeoning scenery of stunning lined up trees that give the entire city a cool ambiance with yet lots of places in the city to dine out. Kigali city also has lots of viewing points, lots of new shopping malls, administrative blocks (Office buildings), pubs, beautiful people with beautiful culture, markets for both artisans and local food vendors and many more. And with all these, Kigali City tour is one of the top tourist activities done while on a Rwanda safari as it thrills a whole lot of tourist attractions visited by several travelers all year round and these include;

Kigali Genocide Memorial Sites

A visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial Sites is one of the major tourist activity that one should do while on a Rwanda safari. These sites were put in place in order to Commemorate those innocent Rwandese that were murdered in cold blood during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. The nearest Genocide memorial sites to explore are situated in Gisozi a few minutes’ drive from the Kigali city center.

Kigali City Rwanda

Apart from Gisozi genocide memorial sites, there are many other genocide sites where several Rwandese were murdered and buried and these include; Nyamata Genocide Memorial sites, Murambi Genocide Memorial sites, Ntarama Genocide Memorial sites, Bisesero memorial Site and many more.

Belgian Peacekeepers Memorial Monument

This is as well one of the places to visit in Kigali. This monument was put in place to commemorate 10 Belgian who were in Kigali Rwanda as UN peacekeepers but were murdered in cold blood as the Rwanda Genocide unfolded.

Kimironko Market

Kimironko market is as well one of the most beautiful place to visit while on a Rwanda safari. This market is a best stopover before embarking on your other destinations in Rwanda as it enables tourist to meet and interact with the local Rwandese, buy foodstuffs, crafts, and many other things that could be needed for you to enjoy a Rwanda safari. This Kimironko market is the most visited place in Kigali city and you ought not to miss it out on your next Rwanda tour during the Kigali city tour. There is yet another beautiful market worth a visit is Nyamirambo market.

Rwanda Art Museum

Rwanda Art Museum is yet another stunning attraction in Rwanda city where tourists who enjoy art work can visit and explore the best of the paintings. Rwanda Art Museum is situated inside the former presidential palace and is one of the National Museums that thrill in Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. Rwanda Art Museum was opened in 2018 and it displays both the art work created locally and internationally including art paintings, scriptures, Ceramic and many more. This museum has enough spaced where over 100 art work can be displayed.

Inema Art Center

Inema Art Center:  Inema Art Center is one of the stunning art galleries we have in Rwanda just like Rwanda Art Museum and it is not just a gallery but a beautiful one that was founded in 2012 situated in Kacyiru in Kigali city Rwanda. Inema Art Center was established by 2 brothers Nkurunziza Innocent and Nkuranga Emanuel and up to now this Art center attracts several tourists especially art lovers who visit this place to show case their creativity in the art world.

Climb mount Kigali

For adventurous travelers on a Rwanda safari, you may as well choose to climb mount Kigali. The highest hill in Kigali stands at about 6,000ft and can be hiked starting from Nyamirambo and upon reaching the top, hikers are rewarded with stunning views of the entire Kigali City and beyond capturing those memorable photographs.

Go for movie nights or night clubbing

Kigali city has lots of recreational areas where you can visit and enjoy yourself at night as the sun goes down. For movie lovers, you can have a visit to Centaury Cinema where lots of movies are showed including those that haven’t yet been released (basically from the United States of America).  If interested in themed Korean movies and German movies, then look no further than visiting the Geothe-Institut. If interested in shaking your body, then visit any night club around Kigali city where you will meet and mingle with new people, dance and have fun to the maximum. Some of the clubs around Kigali city include Club 514, K-Club, ROSTY Bar, Tiamo and many more.

Kigali Public Library

This is the best place for book readers. While on your Kigali city tour, visit this new Kigali Public Library where you have an opportunity of buying hard and soft copies of different books. The only challenge is that tourists are not allowed to take any books outside the library unless, they are members. However, there is Ikirezi bookshop that sells some books including the one about Kigali Genocide of 1994.

Visit restaurants

Are you hungry while in Kigali, look around you and you will spot several restuarants that serve different meals including Roasted meat, Chips, pork, and many more. Some of the restaurants in Kigali include; Brachetto, Heaven restaurant, the Afrika Bite, Zaaffran, Khana Khazana and many more depending on what kind of meal you want to enjoy since there are both local and international cuisines.

Visit the Islamic Cultural Center

This mosque was built by President Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who was by then a president of Libya and up to now this mosque is one of the top destinations you need to visit while on a Kigali city tour. This mosque is situated in Nyamirambo.

How to explore Kigali City Rwanda

There are different ways on how one can explore Rwanda and these include by foot, by motorcycle, or by car depending on what intends to do and see while on Rwanda city tour.  However, motor bikes offer the best means of visiting different parts of the city keeping in mind that it is a cheaper and can navigate through the traffic unlike using the car which sometimes gets stuck in jam.