Katwe gorilla group is one of the newest introduced gorilla families found in the Buhoma area in the southern sector of the park. Initially the Buhoma area had only two habituated gorilla families which include the Mubare gorilla family (the first family to be habituated in 1993), the Rushegura group (most loved by tourists when they visit the Buhoma area) and the habiyanja gorilla group. Unlike other gorilla families that are habituated for a period of two years, it took the Katwe gorilla group a period of three years habituation program in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forests.

Katwe Gorilla Group

It was around the 20th/August/2018, when the Uganda Wildlife Authority officials with a lot of pleasure released a document announced to the media and gorilla lovers that a new gorilla group had been habituated known as the “Katwe gorilla group,” the Katwe group isn’t the only newly initiated gorilla family this year and it was launched along side with the “Christmas gorilla group” in the Nkuringo areas of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

This has increased the number of gorilla tracking permits in the park, 16 more assured permits from 24 permits in the Buhoma sector. Currently the Bwindi Impenetrable can issue out 136 gorilla tracking permits a day rest assuring trekkers an opportunity with the giant apes in the jungles of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forests.

About Katwe Gorilla Group

This is the newly introduced gorilla in the Buhoma sector of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The Katwe group has 1 dominant silverback (Silverback Katwe), 3 blackbacks, 4 adult females and two infants.  The exact number of the family members is still doubted and it is speculated that some members keeping moving in and out of the group. This family was habituated with the Christmas gorilla family (Silverback Christmas who was born on Christmas day) in the Nkuringo sector of the park.

With the introduction of the new gorilla family in the Buhoma sector, gorilla families have increased from 15 to 17 Gorilla groups. This has increased the number of permits to 8 more as well as an increment in the number of tourist groups (8 more gorilla trekkers) and reserved permits per day range from 24 to 32 permits, you can book for your Katwe gorilla tracking permit at no extra cost.

For an amazing gorilla tracking experience in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forests, you can book your permits in the Northern part of the park for the Katwe gorilla tracking permits, once this is done, you’ll have to ask the Uganda Wildlife Authority officials about the selected group (Katwe gorilla group) on the day of tracking begins.

The Buhoma sector besides its proximity to many fascinating features, this region is also preferred by many for tracking because of its low altitude hence little hindrances for trekkers while looking for the beautiful Katwe gorilla group. Gorilla tracking permits are priced at $600USD for foreigners not living in East Africa (FNR), $500 for foreigners living and working with in East Africa (FR) and Shs. 250,000/= for East African Communities (EAC) residents.