Situated in the core of Uganda, Katonga wildlife Reserve is not so popular like the other reserves; main reason as to why it is always left out by most tourists who embark on Uganda safari holidays. The best way to tour this reserve is on foot or by the use of canoes reason being there are no roads that allow safari vehicles to access the reserve.


Katonga wildlife reserve is a habitat for over 30 species of mammals including the famous African elephant, water bucks, the Uganda Kob. It’s outstanding primate species are colobus monkeys and olive baboons. It also harbors over 140 species of birds which makes it one of the best spots for birding safaris in Uganda.

One outstanding fact about Katonga wildlife reserve is the fact that it harbors the scarce Sitatunga Antelope. However, most of the wildlife in the reserve were on a great decline but the outstanding endeavors by the government to shield the wildlife from poaching are showing positive signs as the wildlife is slowly regaining numbers in the game reserve.

The exceptional panoramic views of the wildlife reserve that is made up of an ever green rain-forest plus papyrus swamps and savanna vegetation are a home for various wildlife and birds that make the amazing views of the Reserve.

The wildlife reserve is situated on the furthest steeps of the famous valley of Katonga river. A safari to Katonga wildlife reserve gives you the opportunity to cruise on a canoe as you trail through a shallow channel and it’s swampy areas.

Katonga wildlife reserve is situated in between the districts of Kamwenge and Ibanda, west of Uganda just near River Katonga. The reserve sits on an area of approximately 200 square kilometers about 4 hours from Kampala. The reserve was born in 1998 and slots up among the list of protected wildlife areas in Uganda.

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