Karuru waterfall in Aberdares National Park; The waterfalls in Aberdares are one of the most stunning tourist attraction to see in the park, though the park is a home to special five species and other range of animal species. However, Aberdares National Park is a protected area in the Aberdares mountain range located in the east African rift valley in central Kenya.  The park covers the higher areas of about 767 square kilometers which was created in 1950 and under protection of the Kenya Wildlife Service. More then, Aberdares is an isolated volcanic range that forms the eastern wall of the rift valley, covering about 100 kilometers north south between Nairobi and Thompson falls. Its areas are quite scenic much cooler than savannas and offers a completely different perspective on the country. More so, Aberdares scenery is rewarding with its mountainous terrain covered in thick tropical forests swathed in mist.

Aberdares National Park is a house of diversity of mammal species and hosts special big five animal’s species like elephants, leopards, lion, buffaloes and rhinos. The park ranks as the second largest population of endangered black rhinos.

Karuru Waterfall in Aberdares National Park
Karuru Waterfall in Aberdares National Park

Karuru waterfall in Aberdares National Park

Karuru falls in the Aberdares national park; Karuru falls is one the major remarkable waterfalls to tour while on the safari in the park. This falls they look unique since they are in the highest and tallest in Kenya a break taking sight that measures 273 meters below the viewing point. They are found in Nyandarua County which is surrounded by the tall green indigenous trees, thus making it one of the beautiful in the county. Karuru falls positioned in the central moorlands which attracts a number of tourists to visit the Aberdares, though a home to the rare wildlife species and vegetation.

Therefore, Aberdares mountain range is home to 52 of Kenya’s 67 highland bird species and some of the birds can be spotted at the Karuru falls include Aberdares cisticola ,abbott’s starling ,Jackson’s window bird ,African green ibis ,shape’s long claw and aye’s hawk-eagle many more.

This is most gorgeous fall  among the other falls found in the park ,Karuru falls is surrounded by stunning peaks among the most adventurous include; Ol donyo lesatima measuring ‘’4,001 meter’’ ,Kinangop ‘’3,906 meter ‘’,Elephants hill ‘’3,906’’  ,chebuswa hill raises ‘’3,364 meter’’ and Twin’s hill ‘’3300’’ all the above mentioned peaks are  quite spectacular with surrounding scenic view of land scape with mountain climber and more so ,provides amazing chances of viewing Mount Kenya tourism circuit chief executive officer Simon  wachira who said  that  the Karuru falls were recognized as the tallest in Kenya. Due to its incredible view at the top it has led to increase visitors in the area.

Getting to Karuru waterfalls in Aberdares National Park

Tourists can either use air or road means.

By Road transport; You can drive from Kenya which takes about three hours to access the main destination.

Karuru Waterfall in Aberdares National Park
Game Drives in Aberdare

By Air transport; You can fly while using a domestic flight, the flight lands inside the park since Aberdares has a landing airstrip near the queen’s cave picnic site.

Furthermore, they are magnificent that attracts tourists with great views of wildlife such as hyenas, giraffes, elephants, antelopes, waterbucks, monkeys among others.

Note, one to visit Karuru falls has to pay some of fees which is updated by the Kenya Wildlife Service and Conservation fees apply for entry into the Aberdares National Park.

 East African citizen’s adults pays Ksh250, foreign residents pay Ksh250 and both children pay Ksh200 per day per visit.

Nonresidents adult pays USD30 and children pays USD20 in order to be allowed to access the park.