Karuma Falls & Attraction Uganda Tours

Karuma Falls & Attraction Uganda Tours  : Karuma Falls; is a place of its own interesting nature features with rewarding sightseeing of white bubbling water has they form devil’s cauldron on high speed. The falls are naturally signified with its beauty of the green nature around not forgetting the baboons alongside the road/bridges. However, Karuma falls lies on the Kampala Gulu Highway one of the most exceptional tourist attraction as you travel to the northern Uganda. It is found on the Gulu highway, immediately south of where the highway crosses River Nile, estimating 97 kilometers by road, northeastern of Masindi and 77 kilometers by road south of Gulu, the largest city in Northern Uganda.

Furthermore, the falls are found in the sub-region of Bunyoro in the district of Kiryandongo in the western region, approximately 3 to 4 hours from main Kampala city to main destination.

The falls are good to be adventured in a private car or public buses those who usually travel to Gulu, since are located along the roadside and the possibility of exploring it is high with quite memorable encounter. As a traveler what you need is to carry with clear digitalized camera for clear photo shooting for future remembrance. Travels on their safari to Uganda Murchison Falls national can choose to combine tour to Karuma falls with Murchison Falls national park a home to bio diversity of animals. Karuma falls can be accessed on the same route to Murchison falls national park as different location to reach each destination.

Karuma falls is the location of Karuma power station, the largest hydro power project in Uganda with a planned capacity of 600 megawatts. More so, the falls lies on the average elevation of about 1,000 meters above sea level.

Which district is Karuma Falls

Karuma falls lies in Kiryandongo district in western region of Bunyoro sub-region.

Karuma Falls & Attraction Uganda Tours
Karuma Falls & Attraction Uganda Tours

Where is Karuma found?

Karuma falls is found along the Kampala –Gulu highway in the Northern parts of Uganda near to the mighty Murchison Falls National Park in the Eastern side of this park.

On which river is Karuma Falls found?

Karuma Falls is positioned on the ‘’River Nile’’ Kampala-Gulu Highway, in the south of where the highway crosses the River Nile. The falls estimates 97 kilometers by road in the northeast of Masindi and approximately 77 kilometers by road south of Gulu the largest city in Northern Uganda.

How long is the Karuma bridge?

Karuma bridge is narrow that crosses the Victoria Nile, immediately west and downstream of the old Karuma bridge, approximately 260 Kilometers by road north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city.

When was Karuma bridge built?

Karuma bridge was built or constructed in 1963 one year after Uganda attained Independence from the Britain. Of which the old bridge is a narrow, one carriageway without leaving away for the pedestrians, bicycle lanes as well as for the monitoring equipment. The bridge had to be constructed because of the several accidents used to occur in the same place until the reconstruction of the bridge, now the place is safe for those traveling to the northern Uganda for the tourism and businesses.

What other attractions can we encounter apart from Karuma falls in the north.

We advise our fellow travelers when you start planning your trip to northern part of Uganda could be Karuma Falls always combine your itinerary with a visit to Murchison Falls national park and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where you can do Rhino tracking ,visit Murchison falls national park Uganda’s largest game park which is located few kilometer away from Karuma falls ,the park a home to big fours rich with gorgeous tourists attractions including the powerful Murchison falls ,wild animals like herds of elephants ,lions ,buffaloes ,leopards ,warthogs ,chimpanzees in Budongo forest ,kobs ,giraffes ,among others also paradise of birds including the rare shoe bill stock many more .Activities to do in Murchison Falls National park including Game drive ,sport fishing ,nature walk ,Boat cruise along Victoria Nile ,Birding ,Cultural encounter ,chimpanzee tracking and habituation in Budongo forest all these can be enjoyed on your bucket list to Northern Uganda  Safari –Tour.

What to do at Karuma falls

On visit to Karuma falls your likely to do Boat cruise ride on the Victoria Nile where you will be amazed with interesting adventurous experience in life time. While doing boat cruise a traveler is able to have a rewarding sightseeing of white bubbling water with unforgettable and memorable sights.

Tourists are also able to enjoy great viewing of wild life life baboons, monkeys, cows, elephants and bird species. Along the river banks your able to see water species like Nile Crocodile, the hippos, elephants taking water, antelopes many more.

A traveler carrying out a trip to northern Uganda could be Kidepo Valley national park or Murchison Falls National park never forget include a visit to Karuma Falls where your eyes will gain much more you could expect to meet thus acting as a tourist attraction on Uganda Safari.