Kahungye gorilla family is one of the new Gorilla families found in the Southern sector of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The Kahungye group co-exists in the Rushaga area with other gorilla families namely; Busingye, Nshongi and Mishaya gorilla families. The group was officially opened for tourists in 2011 after the habituation process of 2 years. During habituation, various gorilla families are researched and studied by the gorilla experts to know their habits and characteristic while in the wild. For example Mountain gorillas can be recognized by their “Nose prints,” and it is through habituation that relations between humans and wild gorillas are established.

Kahungye Gorilla Family

Inhabituated Mountain gorilla families tend to act weird in an encounter with humans in the thick jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forests and the Virunga Mountains (South of Bwindi Impenetrable) which are homes to the Mountain gorillas.  Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has an estimated number of Mountain gorillas of about 340 gorillas (which is almost half of the gorilla population) and it’s that the world at large has an estimation of around 880 Mountain gorillas only left in the world, the gorillas were also listed as critically endangered species by the UICN.

Rushaga is part of the four sectors in the park where you can track mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, unlike other sectors in the park which have almost three gorilla families, Rushaga area boasts of very many gorilla families and it’s no wonder that Gorilla tracking permits in the Rushaga region sale out very fast. If you intend to carry out a Gorilla trekking experience in the Rushaga region, you’re advised to book the permits in time to enjoy a memorable experience with the giant apes.

About Kahungye Gorilla Group

The Kahungye is one of the new gorilla families that were finally habituated in October, 2011 and officially opened up for trekking. This group’s name is derived from ‘Hills’ in the Rushaga areas were the family was first sighted. This was a very big family which was made up of 27 members, after a few years of habituation, the family had to split creating yet another new family to be known the “Busingye group (meaning Peace). The group was left with 17 members; 3 Silverbacks with Silverback Rumanzi the leader of the group and followed by Gwigi (meaning ‘Door’) and Ruhamuka, 3 blackbacks, 3 adult females, 3 sub-adult, 3 juveniles and two infants.

Note: The sizes of these gorilla vary from time to time as a result of separation, welcome new born, they conflict, divorce, deaths, fleeing of some family members. Some strong male gorillas may attack another gorilla family to raid females in a bid to expand their families.

To avoid the disappointments of not having the gorilla experience, it may take 9 – 10 hours drive from Kisoro to reach Rushaga area where you can catch some amazing accommodation facilities such as Kisoro Traveler’s rest inn and Gorilla Safari Lodge.

The months of June to July and December to February are some of the drier months in the Bwindi Impenetrable forests and thus the peak season of the park hence offering the best time to trek the gorillas.