Kachumbala rock in Bukedea : Having thousands of cultural norms in Uganda is one of the key points of tourism in Uganda and this has carried various of sightseers to came to the pearl of Africa so as to have some of the best kinds of adventure in the world.

Uganda is a land locked country but with thousands of attractions that have led so very many to come and explore the deep scared parts of the land.

With over 111 districts in the republic of Uganda, some of these districts have little or nothing known about them and yet they carry so much attractions that each and every one should honestly get to know about.

Bukedea district is one of the most non known districts in Uganda yet the district holds some of the most valuable treasures in Uganda.

Bukedea District is bordered by Kumi District to the west and north, Bulambuli District to the east, Sironko District and Mbale District to the south-east, and Pallisa District to the south.

Once one gets the chance to have a visit in Bukedea District the very first thing to consider looking for is the Kachumbala rock which is situated in the in the Teso sub-region in the eastern part of Uganda.

Kachumbala rock is in Kachumbala County in Bukedea district and can easily be seen as one gets a drive along mbale –soroti highway.

Kachumbala rock is named after the local Area rises and standing tall in the flat land with no rival blocking the explorer’s sight from seeing afar off.

Kachumbala rock is a glance of beauty at its top and once you trek to the top of it you have the chance to sight the bottom filled with elegant vegetation covers as you observe the beauty within Mother Nature.

Kachumbala rock is a treasure to keep you physically fit as you hike up at the top of the rock and trail down back to continue on your venture.

One can try stone quarrying activity with the Teso locals found doing it within the rock but just note that this activity is done with caution, despite of the fact that at the top of this rock is the awful sight of what none imagines.

Kachumbala rock in Bukedea
Kachumbala rock in Bukedea

Hiking to the top of Kachumbala rock is tiresome, energy-draining but pays off after you get to the top, the beautiful sceneries and other beauty sighted only at top makes you forget the hustle faced during the hike.

All the beauty at the top of this rock surely makes Bukedea extremely unique and lovely to sight while you get on with other safari activities that can be done within the area such as;

Iteso culture: get to learn about the Iteso culture after getting down from the top of the rock and also learn more about the hidden items in their customs.

Moru Apesur rock: This is located in Soroti town, ideal for hiking too and this also provides its own different kind of adventure as one gets to know more about the pearl of Africa.

These and lots more can be engaged in as one gets to know far more about the pearl of Africa from different destinations that can be sort out for you by Achieve global safaris.