Kabirizi Gorilla Group: This group was once called the Ndungutse family,it was named after the known silverback Ndungutse, This silverback was very humble and giant however it was assassinated in the year of 1997 after it was caught in crossfire between the Rebel groups and DR Congo Army in the Bukima patrol post. The name Kabirizi is derived from the ICCN director who died in a traffic accident in the years of 1990s.

Kabirizi Gorilla Group

Currently the group is led by a silverback that is humble and power, he inherited the name Kabirizi, he was a wild unhabituated Gorilla until 1998 when he was habituates. However currently his facing a stiff competition from a young silverback called Masibo.Kabirizi  group has a total number of 19 individuals. When one wants to trek this gorilla family, the trek starts from Bukima patrol post. However you’re advised to book in advance 3 months pro to your arrival of Gorilla trekking.

Humba Gorilla group, the group is found in Bukima sector of the park.The group is one of the calmest habituated Gorilla group in DRC, it is most preferred by Tourists because it’s calm. The group is named after the silverback called Humba.

The silverback is a brother to Senkwekwe both orphans ,later on his brother was executed by gunmen in 2007.Humba split From the group of Rugendo his biological father was the leader in the 1998.the Humba group is composed of 9 members with no current competition  in leadership.