Is it safe to travel to Uganda? Is Uganda safe for tourists? When we talk about safety in Uganda, we refer to the likely obstacles you are likely to encounter in the country whilst on your Uganda safari. Uganda is a very safe country but of course not all countries are safe, there will always be something you need to take precaution of. This Uganda travel safety guide looks at the country’s safety in perspectives like health, nightlife, the community around, wildlife, political stability and the rate of crime in the country.

safety in Uganda


The health safety in Uganda in highly emphasized. Some vaccinations are required before you are granted entourage in Uganda. This is to protect you from getting infections that might be hard to treat. The major required vaccination is Yellow fever vaccination, if you lack this you might not be granted entourage in the country. You have to present a Yellow fever vaccination certificate at the airport implicating you have to make sure that you first get vaccinated for yellow fever and of course don’t forget to carry the vaccination certificate with you whilst on your journey. We can as well arrange for you a yellow fever vaccination in Uganda though we strongly recommend you get vaccinated from your country weeks before your trip for your own safety in Uganda.

Polio is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and it’s immunization is recommended for Uganda trips to ensure your safety in Uganda. Ensure you also get immunized against polio and of course not forgetting the precautions you have to take against malaria too. The rate of malaria is quite high in Uganda that’s why we recommend taking some malarial preventive medication to avoid infection while on your trip. Taking preventive medication ensures you don’t fall sick whilst on your trip. In case you forget to pack malaria prophylaxis you have to inform our staff early enough so that we arrange for you one from here. This ensures your health safety in Uganda.

Besides the vaccinations for Uganda, You should also try and stay away from sexual acts that might put your health in danger. The rate of HIV/AIDS is not so high in Uganda but that doesn’t mean you should take any risks. Some tourists engage in risky behavior and end up regretting afterwards which is not good. You are here to have a lifetime experience and not to create regrets in your life. Just take the necessary precautions and try to play it safe for your own safety in Uganda.


The night life of Uganda is awesome and they are policemen almost everywhere to ensure safety in Uganda. Various policemen are assigned duties in several parts of the cities. However, we discourage walking late in the night to avoid encounters with robbers especially in the isolated spots of Kampala city. If moving late in the night, always try and move in a vehicle plus your identification details and avoid drinking while driving because the policemen are strongly against this.

Never engage in risky sexual behavior while in Uganda. Almost 50% of the girls you will find hangouts in different hangouts around the city are sexual workers but this might be hard for you to tell especially for a foreigner. What you also need to know is over 30% of all sexual workers in Uganda are HIV positive and carry other STDs as well, more reason as to why you should not just take any risks during your night life. Being preventive and selective ensures yours your safety in Uganda.

The Community

Uganda has very friendly people. The community is simply outstanding and very many will be willing to be part of you stay in the country. Always make sure you ask guides for the basic words in local languages like thank you, good morning, you are welcome, what is your name and more. This will enable you to interact and know more about the community in Uganda. You could also engage in fun activities like story telling but most important on all, have a big heart and reach out to the less privileges. It could be a visit to any of the orphanages prior to the end of your safari and any other activity and will make you leave footprints behind.

Wildlife in Uganda

How about the Uganda tourism safety? Always take precautions before engaging in any wildlife activity. Most of the lodges in national game parks like Murchison Falls National Park, Semuliki Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park are not fenced and given the fact that animals are allowed to move freely, you shouldn’t do things your own way especially moving far away from your place of accommodation without any consent. All lodges have set rules and regulations that you should follow but have a couple of game rangers too. While carrying out activities like Gorilla Tracking, try to listen to what game rangers have to say especially during pre-briefing in the morning. Never hesitate to ask any questions about your wildlife safety in Uganda.

Political Stability

How safe is Uganda Politically? Uganda is very politically stable at the moment with no signs of instability. The political safety in Uganda is not only among the best in the region but definitely among the best among all the countries in Africa at the moment which makes Uganda safe to visit.

Rate of crime in the country

The rate of crime in Uganda is not so high but you have to take some precautions while touring busy cities. Most street children target necklaces and valuable wearable gadgets especially from foreigners who move along busy streets implicating you should never leave any of your valuables in the open while travelling in busy streets. You have to take good care of your wallet too and always try to avoid moving in busy places with all your important credentials and money stuffed in your wallet, leave them some where safe. The road safety in Uganda is quite guaranteed though precautions have to be taken at night because so many people drive while drunk. The police has however stepped up efforts to cub down this vice and lowered it as well.

I’ll end by saying Uganda is a very lovely country, definitely one of those destinations you should make in your lifetime and believe me, with all the beautiful attractions in the country, you will expect nothing less than a memorable and lifetime adventure. This travel in Uganda safety guide should have given you some light regarding safety in Uganda, if you are not sure of anything please feel free to email us and we shall attend to you. Want to travel to Uganda? Book a trip with us today and we arrange you the best experience of a safari to Uganda.