Is Nairobi worth Visiting on Safari? Nairobi is not only just a city to fly in and out of on your way to a safari in Kenya. The truth is that, Nairobi is worth a visiting place   where you can visit for a couple of days of your time and you might even be surprised to discover that a lot you couldn’t expect while on Kenya safari in Nairobi.

 As today is unbelievable, that Nairobi before turning into a beautiful city it was once swampland which was reborn into the city of Nairobi, the thriving prime capital of Kenya. But the transformation began due to the construction of railway roads in 1899.

While on visit to Nairobi, you can opt to do Nairobi City Tour.

Nairobi is filled with a lot of excitements attractions which can be visited on couple of days depending on numbery of days you’re to spend in order to enjoy exploring its beautiful with the city limits. Nairobi City tour can be on foot or with car, where you can be guided with well experienced guide who will ensure your safety, navigates the high traffic roads and allowing you to enjoy all that Nairobi has to offer to the tourists. More so Nairobi is secure and safe.

Along Nairobi city tour, you can visit Nairobi Snake Park   where you get to learn about different types of snakes. Visit Nairobi National Museum where you will see displayed fossils collected from the East African river valleys which simplifies the earliest story of the mankind.

Is Nairobi Worth Visiting on a Safari?
Nairobi City Tour

On your city tour you can city as many places as possible including a visit to capital shopping areas, local street markets, significant building and so many other interesting places to visit.

Other things to do on Kenya Safaris that make it worth an adventure.

How many days in Kenya is enough?

This is a common ask question to those who are wishing to visit Kenya now or in feature, the two weeks can be enough to have a good amount of time to start getting to know Kenya, you will end up wanting to stay for more days. So Kenyan tours offers a lot of the main highlights such as national parks, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and some culture.

Go visit Masai Mara National Park

 Maasai Mara national reserve is a beautiful game reserve on African continent where millions of tourists gather every year most especially during time the season of wildebeest migration which takes place each July and October. Millions of people arrive in here during that period of the year just to witness these spectacles where vast herds of wildebeest cross over to Mara from the Serengeti in Tanzania. However, Maasai Mara is houses to bit cats and other species like Aardwolf, banded mongoose, Bat-eared fox, Masai giraffes, cape here, Thompson’s gazelle, hippos, elephants, crocodiles, cheetah among others.

 Visit Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru national park is renowned as the hoven for thousand beautiful flamingos and other bird species. Still home to wildlife species such as rhinos, warthogs, baboons, zebras and amazing viewpoint. Along visit here, you can hike to baboon cliff and seasonal Makalia waterfall. The place is more rewardable to the bird watchers, Is Nairobi Worth Visiting on a Safari?.

Amboseli National Park

 Amboseli national park is an ecosystem that   spreads across the Kenya Tanzania border that gives a spectacular view of majestically Mount Kilimanjaro as its back drop. However, the park is the second attractive place of visit on Kenyan safaris. A best place to encounter free-ranging Africa bush elephants known as the largest land mammals. Also a great location for bird viewers since the area receives low rainfall and system of swamps that makes region a birders sites, with more than 400 species to be found such as pelicans, kingfishers, Von der Decken’s hornbill, Yellow-necked spur fowl, Steel –heeled lark, Rufous chatterer, Long-toed lapwing, Lesser flamingo, Hartlaub’s bustard , Eurasian thick knee ,Common redshank , African swamphen , Taveta golden weavers among other species to see.

Is Nairobi Worth Visiting on a Safari?
Amboseli National Park

Tsavo West National Park and Tsavo East National park

These are two separate national park just divided by a road and railway. Tsavo East is a home of hippos which can be seen in Galana River measuring 300 kilometers long Yatta Plateau which is the longest lava in the whole world. A great location to see enormous herds of red elephants, tainted by the red oxide soil among others. Tsavo West is a great destination on Kenya safaris to visit the stunning springs called Mzima, the Shetani lava flows and some admirable game viewing landscapes through spotting notable birds, buffalos, leopard and rhinoceros  which can be explored in the open grasslands.

Visit Nairobi National Park

The park is found 7 kilometers south of Nairobi capital city, among huge number of the Kenyan safaris destinations. Nairobi National Park is the only park listed with a cityscape on the horizon. Despite to her easiest location, the park houses a lot of incredible animals like birds, lions, giraffes and one of the most successful elephants and rhinoceros’ sanctuaries in Kenya.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park

This is also one of the most visited Kenyan national park, that makes up a small portion of the Arabuko Sokoke Forest which enlarges the Kenyan coast.  Its dense, native forest boosts with endemic plants, animals like Clarke’s weaver and sokoke pipit birds. You can do longer hikes in this region that reveals the wildlife spots of Kararacha pool and whistling duck pool.

Is Nairobi worth Visiting on Safari? Nairobi is not only just a city to fly in and out of on your way to a safari in Kenya. The truth is that, Nairobi is worth a visiting place   where you can visit for a couple of days
Arabuko Sokoke National Park

Visit Aberdare National Park

 This national park is located near Mount Kenya in the central parts of Kenya. Although the vast scenic landscape ranging from mountain peaks to deep ravines, which are covered in bamboo forest, rainforest and moorland thus making this region one of the best places to go in Kenya for the gainful views. Furthermore, a home to special fives.