Is Amboseli Worthy Visiting? Kenya Safaris

Is Amboseli Worthy Visiting? Kenya Safaris  : Before going to any African Safari, you need to first make a decision which game park you will visit, on your bucket list. Amboseli National Park is likely to be at the top fabulous park positioned in the southwest of Nairobi Kenya thus a great location for viewing majestic Kilimanjaro Mountain and best of all to harbor with high concentration of elephant herds. The question is, with all the amazing National Parks –Kenya to choose, is Amboseli worth visiting?

Definitely ,Amboseli National Park is worth visiting ,though it harbors with some of the same attractions which are popular to other national parks in Kenya ,the thing is that Amboseli is a unique safari destination offering great diversity thus making Amboseli National Park a place worth a visit .However, if you are planning to visit the Masai Mara ,you can try to skip the Amboseli national park for reason being not to miss out the beauty of all since both parks are fairly similar .You will probably experience similar attractions and activities in both parks though the Masai Mara offers greater number of all. Besides that, if you love elephants, visit the Amboseli a home of elephant herds.

Is Amboseli Worthy Visiting? Kenya Safaris
Is Amboseli Worthy Visiting? Kenya Safaris

Why visit Amboseli –On Kenya Safari

Amboseli National Park is well maintained which gives travelers great sights, even though it’s not a very large park but rewarding. The park rangers are available to keep a close view on all the wildlife species and maintain all the roads.

The park is rich of animals and birds that makes it an ideal place to visit if you want to encounter wide range of animals and diverse species of birds. Along your visit expect to see huge number of animals such as herds of African bush elephants, African buffalos, giraffes, hyenas, Lions, impala, cheetah among others.

Amboseli national park really offers beautiful sceneries and the landscapes of the foothill of Kilimanjaro and animal viewing here is quite tantalizing.

During the dry season the park is always at best and best place to visit, as you can adventure with high concentrations of animals. The park gives a remarkable spectacle of large herds of mammals that congregate near the water banks during the dry season.

The dry seasons makes herbivores animals to gather near the few water bodies within the park. Even, the carnivores tend to drawn close to the water in search of prey, meaning the probability of seeing them is high, most especially when hunting.

The park is famously known has a location with high population of elephants on African planet over 1200 elephants that inhabits Amboseli, marking it the best place to carry out research /study purpose in the world. Due to fact that, it’s a small park, you will land into lots of elephants along your way. The views of huge number of elephants are the most unforgetive memories when it comes about Kenyan National Parks. It’s only Amboseli where can get to leave with these moments in life.

What amazes me a lot or to number of travelers, Amboseli was located at the foothills of Kilimanjaro and it is just worth of the great view of the magnificent mountain once in a while. The view is not guaranteed, this is because the Kilimanjaro is usually covered by thick clouds yearly, so clear views done in dry season but temper your expectations.

Is Amboseli Worthy Visiting? Kenya Safaris
Amboseli National Park

What could be a challenge of Visiting the Amboseli National Park

Distance from Nairobi

The park is approximately 4 hours from Nairobi and the drive tends to be uncomfortable for certain reasons. Some roads that connects to the park are bit rough and dusty and for this reason we recommend our clients who are old in age to use a flight by help of a tour operator. If you’re looking for the nearby game park consider the Nairobi national park or Lake Nakuru national park are closer to the capital, still it will provide some similar experience you would find in the Amboseli.

Not easy to see all the Big five

In Amboseli, you won’t get all the big fives if you wish to be included on your bucket list, then it may not be the best location for you. The only members of big 5 you can see are lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos but rhinos are not there.

Park entry fees are high

Amboseli offers a higher park entry fees than other national parks apart from Maasai Mara.

Small in size

Amboseli national park is one of the small game in Kenya, meaning though it attracts and rewarding, you will take less time in adventuring the park. You need to put this in consideration when planning a safari here. Whether is worth visiting.

Lastly, Amboseli is worth visiting when you attempt to first access its destination than you exploring Maasai Mara first. Though you might not get to see all species there in terms of wildlife. Still it remains a worth place for a visit after Maasai Mara Kenya.