Intresting Facts About Kenya As A Country : Kenya as country is an incredible destination to visit while on a safari in East Africa because it is a diverse country which is surrounded by beautiful landscape that consists of beautiful physical features such as; vibrant escarpment of the Great Rift valley, the indian ocean which stretches across the coastline, dense forests, tropical rain forests, stunning water bodies such as; lakes and rivers, mountainous areas, hills and many others which all act as tourist attractions and good natural habitat to many wildlife species. In addition, below are some of the interesting facts that tourists should know about Kenya and some of these include;

Fast facts about Kenya.

This country is known to have approximately 54 million people and it holds its independence day on Jamhuri day on 12 December, the capital city of the country is Nairobi city and the money currency in the country is Kenyan shillings and many others.

Kenya is a good adventurous destination.

Kenya is ranked among the best adventurous destination where tourists can choose to visit while on safari in East Africa because it is has around 50 national parks and reserves for example; there are around 22 national parks and 28 national reserves and all these are being managed by Kenya Wildlife services who have their major responsibility of protecting all these game parks and reserves due to the fact that they are all good natural habitats to many wildlife species. More so, the unique thing to know about these national parks is that each of them has different tourist attractions within and exploring through them gives you opportunities to engage into different and exciting activities.

Over 60 languages are spoken in Kenya.

In Kenya there are over 60 languages that are spoken in this country however, there are only two officially languages that are used in all parts of the country and these include; English and Kiswahili which is also commonly referred to as; Swahili. And exploring around this country and interacting with these local people will give you chances to learn some of the basics of the Swahili language such as; Jambo when saying hello and Habari  while wishing someone a good bye and many others.

Tour around Mount Kenya.

For tourists exploring around Kenya can choose to visit and tour around Mount Kenya, which is considered as the second highest mountain in the whole of Africa, which is a good experience.

Visit Lake Turkana

Tourists around Kenya can choose to visit Lake Turkana, which is famously known as the world’s largest lake and Kenya’s largest lake. In addition, this lake is located in the Northern region of the Great Rift Valley and it acts a good natural habitat to many mammal species. More so, Lake Turkana is listed to be a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Site.

Intresting Facts About Kenya As A Country
Visit Lake Turkana

Wildlife in Kenya.

Like we said earlier, Kenya is a good destination to travel to while on your adventurous safari because it is considered to be spot by the internal union for conservation of Nature due to the fact that it is a home to the big five animals such as; African elephants, leopards, cape buffalos, rhinoceros and lions.  However, there are more other animals that tourists can see while touring around many other different areas in the country and some of these include; reticulated giraffes, bat eared fox, gerenuk, common elands, Thomson’s gazelles, topi, bongo, Nubian giraffe, lesser kudu, masai giraffe, vervet monkey, red tailed monkeys, common dwarf mongoose, atheris hispida, suni, East African oryx and many others.

More so, this country is also a favorite spot for bird lovers to visit due to the fact that it harbours many bird species such as; common bulbul which is considered as the most common bird to be seen, grey crowned crane, hamerkop, white eyes, turaco, superb straling, wood king fisher, wattle eye, nicator, somalu ostrich, Abyssinian roller, African open bill, blue headed bee-eater, half collared king fisher, crab plover, African rail, green wood hoope, white spotted flufftail, Meyers parrot, brown throated wattle eye, wood hoope, little yellow flycatcher, saddle billed stork. Pied king fisher, African paradise flycatcher, southern giant petrel and many others.

And apart from the above mentioned, there are so many other interesting facts that tone should know about Kenya and some of these include; Kenya has its valuable export as coffee, Kenya is known as the one of the world’s safari destination in the whole world, this country is also known to be a home to one of the long distance top runners in the whole world and lastly, touring around this country grants you chances to experience the great wildebeest migration and many others.

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