Situated approximately 13 kilometers from Mbarara Town on the Mbarara – Kampala highway, Igongo Cultural Center is place you would definitely want to be in. The cultural center sits on the grounds of the precedent palace of the Nkore kingdom.

Igongo Cultural Center

Igongo Cultural Center is known to familiarize the Banyankole through their traditional values and variety of objects that are vital to the history of Ankole. In the museum is a restaurant where most tourists sit to enjoy the taste local cuisines like smoked Ankole cow milk, boiled meat, millet bread, Matoke and ghee, along with Bushera, a local drink made from millet or sorghum. All ingredients used to make the local cuisines are bought from locals to keep the taste of freshness and support the local producers as well.

When you arrive at Igongo Cultural Center, you will be hailed by an amazing scenery of gardens and nice looking structure that holds a museum, a crafts shop and a restaurant.

Igongo Cultural Center

If you love reading then the bookstore situated right next to it should inform you more about the western culture. Igongo Cultural Center has an amazing bookstore with a great selection of books and other reading materials. Across Igongo Cultural Center is the famous western monument, the Biharwe Eclipse Monument on the top of Biharwe Hill. This monument was structured to remember the triumph of the mighty Ankole kingdom over five hundred years ago. It is claimed the King that enforced the revolution drowned in fear and gave up which handed victory to the Ankole Kingdom.

A hotel and campsite have been structure around the center and will help house tourists who would wish to spend days reciting great history at Igongo Cultural Center. Almost all our Gorilla safaris in Uganda have this special place scheduled in the itinerary. Most of the times, our tourists have their lunch from Igongo Cultural Center before proceeding with the destination.