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Idi Amin Torture chamber is one of the famous tourism sites a tourist shouldn’t leave out on Uganda-Kampala City Tour. Since it’s the best way to know all the historical background for Idi Amin a man of its own brutal character and national ruling. However, by the time of his regime, Idi Amin was a Ugandan military officers very brutal and of his own words, who served as the 2nd president of Uganda in short year run of president he ruled from 1971 to 1979 and still he was considered one of the grieved dictators in African history. The man of his own character Idi Amin Dada was born either in Koboko or Kampala. But as the years went on, in 1946 he had to join the King’s African barrel of the British Colonial Army as a cook and he was ungraded as lieutenant to play important role in British actions against Somali rebels in the Shift War as well as in Mau Mau rebels in Kenya. Later on ,Uganda gained its independence in 1962 from the United Kingdom, and Idi Amin had to stay in the armed forces rising to the position of becoming major and being accused as commander of the  army in 1965.When Amin released that Uganda’s first president Milton Obote was planning to arrest him to embezzle army fund ,he had to launch a military coup in 1971 in order to declared himself as a Ugandan president in secret without Milton Obote noticing ,in short his plans were to overthrow Milton Obote in power thus leading to Idi Amin’s ruthless historical life time.

Unfortunately, Amin’s plans of overthrowing Obote’s power went successfully and the plans behind it they weren’t good instead of ruling people in peace and harmony, he made them to suffer and during his regime many died with no good reasons like thousands of Asians were sentenced to death and those who survived left their business behind and went back to their national origin with nothing.

Historical Back Ground of Idi Amin’s Torture Chambers

At first before turning into a torture chamber, it was constructed as Idi Amin’s armory chamber by the Israel in the early 1970’s but later turned into a torture chamber where thousands of Ugandans where killed and lost their lives for no great reasons.

Originally, Idi Amin’s torture chamber is found inside Lubiri Mengo Palace ‘’King of Baganda Kingdom’’ which was built to act as an armory to protect the better machine gunfire. By the time he built the chamber, Idi Amin has just gained power as Uganda’s president which he ruled for a short period of time in life.

Historically, the place which was armory and later turned into a torture chamber built inside Kabaka’s palace ‘’king’s palace’’ in local name is called Twekobe. The construction of this torture chamber took over 8 months to get done. In constructing he used Israelite’s because they were the professional Engineers by then, note before he told them to build a place of armory but when the building was done he turned it into a military base or barracks. Then later, he changed his mind and turned it into a torture chamber designed with a metallic door at the entrance filled with electricity and pool of water in the corridors. And his plans were that who so ever tried to escape from there he or she was shocked by electricity and died on spot.


Idi Amin Torture Chamber
Idi Amin Torture Chamber

This torture chamber consisted of five cells inside and it had one part which was built on the last door as dark as a yawning grave. There were number of people who got rested from in here in the cabinet of Sir Edward Muteesa 11 and those were the political opponents of Idi Amin and before torturing them to the chamber, could first put them into the boots of the car and drive them around the city after they could drive them back to the chamber and to be killed with electricity mixed with water.

Generally speaking, Idi Amin was a man of dark heart who couldn’t even feel sorry to what pain people were going in through, he tortured them in restless life during his reign, through torturing them he didn’t mind about the status of people men and women were put in one cell and after he could shoot them with bullets and then he could throw their dead bodies in the water bodies around.

Meanwhile, each cell could accommodate more than a hundred people but with no window, ventilators so people could lack oxygen inside, no food and water till to death. Eventually, more than 200,000 people died inside and no one survived.

Unfortunately, Obote’s return after overthrow of Amin, he just began from where Idi Amin stopped. The cause of torturing these people was due to dishonoring his government and he the desire to make an extension but it was all in vain because he didn’t have professional Engineers who would help him to build strong building like those of the Israelites, on his reign he found when were all being chased away by Idi Amin. All this explains who Idi Amin was and the historical background of his Torture Chamber.

Fortunately, Idi Amin no long exists died years back in 2003 but the torture chamber still exists as a testimony history of his brutal life on power and as a witness to those have ever paid a visit here to learn more about his anger ruling in the history of Uganda. One to know the history behind Amin’s torture chamber just undertake a combined Uganda Safari Tour to visit this historical site on your Kampala City Tour where you will come with true historical background of a brutal ruler whom you wouldn’t want to be under his ruling reign or even to exist anymore in any country on the earth.

Visiting the Torture Chamber in Uganda you can combine with other remarkable Uganda Gorilla tours, Culture or Uganda Wildlife Safaris.