Humba gorilla  family .The Humba group was created in 1998 following a split from Rugendo group. Humba  is a son to Rugendo, however  Rugendo group has 6 individuals leaving the father Rugendo with 9 members. The silverback Nyakamwe decided to go with his brother Humba, by 2014, the Humba group increased to 16 members, Humba and his brother Nyakamwe got into a fight leading to the split of the group.

Humba Gorilla Family

Humba by then stayed with 6 individuals while his brother Nyakamwe walked away with 10 individuals. In 2015 Humba interacted with Munyaga group however the sub adult female Kakule Munyaga left the group for Humba group. The group of Nyakamwe is composed of 10 individuals these include 3 silverbacks, 2 adult females,1 sub-adult female,2 babies and 2 juveniles. The group is headed by the silverback Humba.

Humba group ranges between Bikenge and Gatovu areas of Virunga National Park found in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There other safari activities in Congo one can encounter during their visit to this group these include.

Nature walks

Since the park is a dense tropical rain forest with, encounter a number of trails that travelers follow leading to different directions and sites. Travelers encounter the animals during the walks, such as buffaloes, elephants and many more. There cobs and hippotamuses living around the areas of Lake Edward this boarders Uganda.

Nyiragongo hike

Hike the Nyiragongo volcanoes, this is an amazing volcano, its center summit harbors the largest lava lake in the world. It has erupted over 34 times and the last one occurred on 2002, when the lava lake had drained and it started flowing to the nearby communities. Tourists hike the volcanoes to have a better view of the dazzling lake as it fumes out of melilite nephelinite.

Landscape viewing

The virunga national park where the Gorillas are found is one of the best site for viewing the amazing spectacular Montane landscapes in the neighbour.The snow summits and jagged relief of Rwenzori mountains, the volcanoes in virunga conservation area together with Afro alpine vegetation.