How Uganda has managed the spread of Corona virus Covid 19?

How Uganda has managed the spread of Corona virus Covid 19?: Amongst the frequently asked questions include how has Uganda managed the spread of Coronavirus, Covid-19? How has Uganda managed the spread of Coronavirus, Covid-19 must be a question running throughout your mind and by several people across the globe. Relax I have gathered all the possible information you require for your unanswered questions about coronavirus in Uganda just within this article!

As of today may 2nd 2020, Uganda has recorded 88 coronavirus cases with zero death and 52 recoveries. As we all know that coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan China in. taking you back to history, on 21st March 2020, the first positive coronavirus case was reported in Uganda and this case was detected at Entebbe International airport using the temperature monitoring machine. The first case reported was a Uganda male that arrived at the airport from Dubai. This came as a surprise since Dubai was at that time not considered to be a high risk country and from there and then strong preventative measures had to be put in press via the Ministry of Health and the government of Republic of Uganda. As of today 2nd May 2020, Uganda has recorded 88 coronavirus cases with zero death and 52 recoveries since the coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan a city in China in December 2019 and by early 2020, coronavirus had already created its way into other different countries. Scientists are still adding up their expertise to come up with appropriate treatment and vaccine for coronavirus.
Taking a comparison and following the coronavirus curve, Uganda has strongly maintained a flat curve with some zero cases reported on some days unlike other countries where the curve is rising at a very sharp rate of new cases raising on daily basis. Recently, the coronavirus death rate is considered to ranges from 0.9% to 3.4% worldwide from different destinations which clearly shows that Uganda has indeed managed the spread of Coronavirus making it a true pearl of Africa.

How Uganda managed the spread of Coronavirus, Covid-19
In order to manage the spread of Coronavirus in Uganda, below in the article are the possible ways how the government alongside ministry of health put in place to safe guard the lives of all people in the country.
First and foremost, where the news about the existence of a virus originating from China that attacks the lungs hit the ears of the government of Uganda with the symptoms ranging from high fever, coughing, sneezing, body pain, headache among others, the government of Uganda and the ministry of health had to act as soon as possible to ensure that everyone in the country is safe. The ministry of health and government of Uganda worked hand in hand to ensure that they put up all the necessary equipment to detect the virus and amongst the testing equipment, they made sure that hand temperature detecting thermometers were put at the airport to ensure that all passengers entering the country are safe and virus frees and whoever was found with the symptoms, he / she was quarantined by the ministry of health while those without symptoms were advised to keep themselves at their homes but isolated from their family members for at least 14 days which was the estimated gestation period corona virus and throughout this period, travelers were advised to keep in touch with ministry of health and in case anyone developed corona like symptoms from the quarantine, their sample would be obtained for testing there and then.

However, as the virus kept on spreading to from china like wild fire to other different parts of Asia , Europe, and other continents, the World Health Organization announced that it had become a world pandemic and everyone needed to be alert and vigilant. At that time the death rate was increasing day by day and at that point, all passengers arriving at Entebbe International airport were introduced to a mandatory self or institutional quarantine for a duration of 14 days as well as sensitizing the entire public did not stop at any point as coronavirus was no longer something to joke about therefore the entire public was sensitized to keep alert and vigilant for anyone with corona like symptoms and try to stay away from such a person until the ministry of health personnel evacuate him / her.
Everyone was really in panic but the ministry of health and the president of Uganda kept on updating the nation about the spread of coronavirus and encouraged everyone to be strong. At that point different people including our own musician came out, hit the studios and recorded very nice songs sensitizing the public about the spread of corona virus, the symptoms and how best we can avoid it. Some of these songs that were appreciated globally include “corona symptoms” that was sung mixing different languages in order to deliver the message to everyone was welcomed by everyone in both Uganda and other countries as it clearly stated all symptoms that may be shown by a corona patient. Another song was “Corona distance” literally informing the general public to keep at least 15m away from one another in order to curb down the spread of coronavirus.

It was very easy for the general public to communicate to the Ministry of health through their toll free numbers which include; Toll free lines for Ministry of Health Uganda: 0800-100-066, 0800-303-033, and 0800-203-033 that were made reachable to everyone via different platforms including social medias like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, radios, televisions and verbally this was the first step that was taken and day by day the ministry of health kept on updating the general public about corona virus while at that time all countries were awake and trying to see how possible the corona virus could be stopped and scientists were already in the laboratories trying to look for coronavirus treatment and vaccine.
At that time we were still abit safe since all our neighboring countries had not yet recorded any coronavirus case, and the major emphasis was still at Entebbe international airport which receives travelers from different parts of the world including china where the virus originated to ensure that travelers from high risk countries and other travelers were tested at the point of entry at Entebbe international airport upon landing and their luggage sanitized but later on Uganda decided to suspend the landing of passenger flights allowing only cargo planes and other few planes including UN planes to land but with minimum number of people this also helped Uganda in managing the spread of Corona virus.
However, the government of Uganda added more preventative measures to manage the spread of corona virus which include;
Timely suspension of all the education centers including schools both primary and secondary schools, and higher institutions of learning including universities and other tertiary institutions this also helped in reduction of on the congestion of people since education facilities always harbor a large population of people in a small area thus the action of social distancing would be hard to be inserted amongst student this also greatly helped Uganda in controlling the spread of corona virus.
On the same day, gatherings of more than 5 people were suspended, parties were suspended, Public transports were first allowed with minimum number of passengers and later on suspended, only shops and supermarkets dealing with the essential foodstuffs allowed to operate while Markets and shops selling nonfood items were all suspended and those selling food in the markets advised to camp at their market centers and ensure that they keep distance a proper hand washing.
Construction companies with and other factories were allowed to operate only if they can camp their workers on site, Boda bodas only allowed to carry goods not people and their operation starts from morning at 6:30 and stop at 7:00pm in the evening, Private vehicles were allowed to operate but later on realized that people were using them as means of transport which would result in transportation of coronavirus from one place to another thus were also suspending allowing few the private vehicles only with a sticker from their respective Residence District Commissioners (RDCs) to operate this means that few people obtain the stickers on a daily basis and on a strong reason thus limiting the movement of people from one place to another.
Other vehicles allowed to operate were vehicles of the police, government vehicles, the vehicles of the health workers, and the covid-19 task force vehicles thus sustaining the coronavirus spread in Uganda.
Also some vehicles transporting essential workers were allowed to operate but the workers must have the company ID with them. These include vehicles for Kampala city council workers, the national water and sewerage corporation vehicles, the vehicles transporting media personnel such as TV and radio presenters, bank workers.
As our neighboring countries started recording a rising number of coronavirus cases, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced further protective measures in order to cease the spread of coronavirus. The measures included;
Compulsory 14 days self-quarantine for anyone entering Uganda through any border point and finally closure of all border points where he ensured that UPDF soldiers, LDUs and police remained alert to ensure that people do not cross the border allowing only lorry drivers carrying products to cross which later on raised the number of cases and a mandatory test at the border is now being conducted to ensure that only negative drivers enters the country and sick driver are treated from the hospitals.
To effectively enforce the above measure, the government and all well-wishers have come up to donate enough food to the Valuable people in order to keep their at home and cease the transmission of coronavirus.
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On every public presidential address to the nation, the president of republic of Uganda usually reminds the general public on how far the nation has gone in regards to stopping of coronavirus and emphasizes the public to maintain the general hygiene of washing hands regularly, staying at home and moving only where necessary, and avoiding toughing soft parts with dirty hands. The soft parts he mentions include the Mouth, Eyes, and Nose abbreviated at (M.E.N) which are the main parts that allow the passage of Coronavirus to the throat and then to the Lungs thus encourages proper hygiene to kill the virus and since the war against coronavirus is no longer about government but everyone’s concern, Ugandans have greatly responded to all the preventative measures put up by the government of Uganda and the ministry of health in order to keep away the spread of coronavirus from penetrating into the communities and these include;
Keeping a social distance of 4 -15 m or even 20m from one another while walking outside our homes maybe to the market, shops, supermarket etc.
Thorough washing of hands regularly with plenty of water and soap or use of alcohol based hand sanitizers with an alcohol content of 70% and above.
Ensuring proper sanitation of that all surfaces both at home at the work places for those still working. Major emphasis is on the door handles, the tables, and any other surface to kill the Virus.
While coughing face away from the public, use tissue paper to cover your mouth and properly dispose it off after use then was your hand with soap and running water. Or else cough in your elbow.
A person with cold and flue is always advised to stay home in an isolated room until the symptoms suppress. Incase symptoms continue then health personals are contacted to take the samples of that person for testing and incase the sample test positive, then a patient is picked by a medical ambulance to the hospital for treatment and his/her contacts are also traced and quarantined for 14 days. This has been going on as in repeat that as of now, on 3rd may 2020, Uganda has not recorded a coronavirus death.
And finally, STAYING AT HOME has greatly helped Uganda in this period of Coronavirus in that most of the confirmed cases are now from the Cargo lorry drivers that transport goods in different countries across the neighboring regions though they are now being tested at the border points before entering to stop transportation of the virus into the local communities and once the driver turn out to be positive, he/she is transferred to the hospital as soon as possible for treatment. All the measure have truly worked and I repeat that Uganda has not yet recorded any coronavirus death up to date on May 2nd 2020 with 88 confirmed Coronavirus positive cases and 52 Coronavirus recoveries implying that Uganda today has 36 active coronavirus patients undergoing treatment.
Coronavirus and tourism in Uganda
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