How to save money on your gorilla trekking holidays: There are various ways to save money on your Gorilla trek in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo. Travel out of peak season, when you all need are the Gorillas and you want to save the make good use of the varying seasons, is your flexible and planned when to travel.

How to save money on your gorilla trekking holidays

Save a lot of Money to travel during the low seasons of April, May and November where accommodation is cheaper compared to the peak season. The hotels have lower rates during this season.

Join with a group

Join a group of friends staying at a safari lodge or on a safari. As they book for accommodation or their safaris, this is a terrific value for money. Travelling in groups involves shared costs like transportation, accommodation, fuel, guide fees, vehicle entrance fees, airport pickups and drop offs and lots more.

Your target of Budget

We kindly advice not to be reluctant to give the operator your budget for the safari incase as starting point of your safari. The experience of giving your budget to the tour operator results into the best value  as the operator will such for the best accommodations, and 4WD that suite  your budget.

Long stay rates

As you prepare for the tour, consider booking several nights with the same lodge or hotel group. The lodges and hotels have different rates or stay for 4 deals, they will reward a better rate after living within the sister camps.

Keep contacting one safari company

It’s great to keep in contact with one tour company,sometimes these companies own lodges or have discounts with the lodges they co-duct with, giving them an opportunity to offer you a discount. If your budget is flexible then you can talk to the tour operator to offer you a special rate for a week or depending on the offer you’re offered.