How To Get To Udzungwa Mountains National Park? Udzungwa Mountains National park is located in the central region of Tanzania, it is also situated between Iringa and Morogoro regions, and it accessed in a distance of about 60 kilometers from the South of Mikumi national park along Mikumi Ifakara road. Udzungwa Mountains national park was officially established as a national park in 1992 covering a total surface area of about 1,990 square kilometers. more so, this national park is surrounded with a good vegetation cover which comprises of savannah grasslands, miombo woodland, tropical rain forest hence making the park act a good natural habitat to many wildlife species such as; lions, leopard, bush bucks, duikers and many others.

How to Access Udzungwa Mountains National park.

For tourists planning to travel to Udzungwa national park can opt to either use road, train or Air transport means in order to be able to access the park.

Train: tourists who opt to use the train transport means can decide to board a train from Tazara railway and it is noted that they always depart on Tuesdays and Fridays from Dar es Salaam to Zambia. More so, this journey always goes for about 6 to 7 hours in order to reach the park headquarters.

Road transport: individuals who opt to use road transport means to travel to Udzungwa mountains national park can take either private, public or self-drive as they enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the country. In addition, they will be able to take a drive from Dar es Salaam, which will lead you through chalinze, Morongoro then to Mikumi national park. Later you will head to Mikumi town and lead straight to the park headquarters and all this drive only takes about 4 hours.

Air Transport:

Tourists can also choose to air transport means, which saves a lot of time because you get to skip the long trips and book your chattered flight from Dar es Salaam and fly to Mikumi airport. In addition, later take a short drive to the park.

Things to do in Udzungwa Mountains National park.

Bird watching.

Tourists especially the bird lovers can engage into bird watching activities because this game park is known to be a home to over 400 bird species which are always in different parts of the park and some of these include; African Marabou, crowned eagle, black and white shrike flycatcher, kilombero weaver, retz helmet shrike, Uluguru violet backed sunbird, trumpeter hornbill, green backed woodpecker, fork tailed drongo, trumpeter hornbill, rufos winged sunbird, grey cuckoo shrike, dark baked weaver, woodland kingfisher, silverly checked hornbill, ruppells vultures, marabou stork and many others.

Wildlife Viewing.

Udzungwa Mountains national park is a good destination to travel to while on your adventures safari in Tanzania because exploring around this national park will grant one opportunities to sight see at many animals such as; buffalos, duikers, leopards, hunting dogs, elephants, bush bucks and primate species like; sanje mangabey and Iringa red colobus and many others.

More so, there are so activities that individuals touring around this national can participate in as they acquire a good adventure experience and these include; hiking which is best option where individuals go through different trails within the park due to the fact that there are no perfect roads for game viewing  and some these trails include; Sonje waterfalls trail which is seen as the commonly hiked trail, Sonjo waterfall trail, Hidden valley trail, Mwanihana peak trail, prince Berhards waterfall trail and Njonkamoni waterfall trail among others and while hiking tourists are always able to capture beautiful views of many plant species, primate species such as; monkyes, stunning waterfalls and many other. Tourists can opt to go do other activities like; cycling, guided nature walks, trekking, mountain climbing and many others.

Best time to visit in Udzungwa Mountains National park.

And the best time to visit within this national park is during the dry season which is between months of June to October when less rainfalls are received hence making it the best time to go for walking trails due to the fact that the trails are always dry hence making it easy compared to the wet season when the trails are always slippery and muddy. In addition, during the dry season, the grass vegetation in the park is always short which enables tourists to capture classic views of the animals and other wonderful features in the park.

Accommodation facilities in Udzungwa Mountains National park.

In Udzungwa Mountains National park, there are so many accommodation facilities where tourists can have their stay after their long day of touring around the park. However, individuals should note that these lodging facilities range from budget, luxury and mid-range, which favour them to choose where to stay according to where it matches with their budget. In addition, these accommodation facilities include; Hondo Hondo Udzungwa forest tented camp, Udzungwa falls lodge, Udzungwa forest tented camp, Udzungwa Mountain View camp, Angalia tented camp and many others.

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