How to get to Mahale Mountain National Park : Getting to Mahale is not either easy or cheap to get there. But depending on the itinerary -starting point to the country, you can choose to take a flight either from Kilimanjaro  International Airport ‘’JRO’’ in Arusha town or Julius Nyerere International Airport ‘’Dar’’ in Dar es Salaam and from any of these Airport destination ,a recognized tour operator will pick you up from the airport and make ongoing arrangements for you .

There are few landing site from Arusha and the best way to get to Katavi is by a flight. If to fly with scheduled flight there is only one flight twice weekly service between Ruaha, Katavi and Mahale which is operated by Safari Air Link.

You can fly with Zantasair a sister company to Mbali Mbali Lodges, which offers twice weekly, then share charter flights between northern Tanzania and western Tanzania that incorporates Katavi and Mahale Mountain National Park

By domestic flight, you can still book with charter flight which can be booked by tour operators as part of the tour package or scheduled flight to Mahale with Safari Air Link.

How to Get to Mahale Mountain National Park
Mahale Chimps

Domestic flight to Tanzania-Mahale Mountain National Park

These charter flights are reserved by your safari tour operator through booking a domestic flight from one of these domestic carrier such as Air Tanzania, Regional Air, Zan Air, Safari Air Link ,Precision Air or Coastal Aviation.

 Requirements needed of getting to Mahale Mountain National Park, your required to carry valid passport, Visa and other personnel documents.

By Road Transport

The road leading to the park is rough most especially during rainy season when the roads can be slippery thus making it a difficult drive from Arusha to Kigoma, where you require to take a boot or a plane of about two to three days by car.

By Boat; From Kigoma, you can choose to take or use speedboat that runs of about 4 to 6 hours to access the main destination or the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The timber boats ride up to 15 hours to access Mahale. And twice a week the MV Liemba, a large steamship usually travels from Kigoma in about 10hour to reach.

Rules & Regulation of Mahale Mountains National Park

Mahale Mountain National park is one of a great destination where researcher’s carryout study on chimpanzee population in Africa. The park fees paid by the tourists helps to protect this amazing chimpanzee population and the conservation at large.

Mahale Rules and Regulations- Chimpanzee Tracking

Pets are not allowed inside the park

Rubbish is not allowed inside the park

On visit, do not damage or even pick any plant to the park

Be very vigilant when observing

Do not touch them, are wild animals

Remember chimpanzee trekking permits is valid 24 hours.

How to Get to Mahale Mountain National Park

 Tourist attractions to see or experience on visit to the park as follows;

They include; Chimpanzees, the Mahale ranges, other primates like blue monkeys, Angola colobus, forest birds, red colobus, montane rain forest, red-tailed monkeys and alpine bamboo  ,enjoy beach lifestyle at Lake Tanganyika ,visit the Local fishermen ,view the breathtaking sun set  on the horizon of the Lake  ,bird watching among others.

 Mahale Mountains National Park can be visited throughout the year and the best way to enjoy the park’s species is to visit in peak season which starts from July to October, during this period of the year chimpanzees can be easy to observe. In wet season, you can still see them just require patience as you hike in search for them.

Although, during wet season it forms thunderstorms over the lake delight visitors. Thus making some lodges, camps get closed during heavy rainfalls, which usually happen from the month of April to May and November to October.