How Often Do Gorilla Give Birth & Other Gorilla Facts? 

How Often Do Gorilla Give Birth & Other Gorilla Facts?  : How often does gorilla give birth? Female gorillas undergo a gestation period of 8.5 months and nurture their young one for several years. In general mother gorillas give birth to one baby every after four to six years. And this slow population growth makes it harder for Mountain gorillas to recover from any population decrease.

Gorillas are the most intellect mammal, in the wild they can be found in central and east Africa. These are very species who often exhibit behaviour and emotions similar to the human experience such as laugher and sadness. Though they tend to face threating of poaching, diseases and habitat destruction and WWF is working hard to designate new protected areas where populations can be safe.

What do gorillas eat?

Gorillas feed on stems, bamboo shoots and fruits, ants, termites and small insects and break open termite nests to eat the larvae.

Do gorillas live alone?

Gorillas move in family groups that ranges to more than 30 members. A dominant male ‘’silverback’’ leads the group and holds the position for years.

How big do gorillas get?

Adult male gorillas weigh up to 440 pounds and can access a height of six feet when standing on two legs. Mature male Mountain gorillas are called ‘’silverback’’ for the white hair that develops on their back after 14 years of age.

Does Wildlife Crime Affect Gorillas?

The illegal trade of gorillas and other great apes is the problem across Central Africa. WWF works with partners to monitor this trade and advocates for more effectively who effectively enforced wildlife laws.

How many offspring’s does a mother gorillas have?

You might be wondering how many infants do female gorillas have? Most cases female’s gorillas birth to one infant annually, with twins being a rare scenario among both mountain gorillas and western lowland gorillas. Although Uganda has experience it already of twin birth in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park. Due to the high mortality of about 40%for new gorilla babies an adult female that usually survive with one offspring’s and they get matured every after 6 to 8 years. As a result, many mother gorillas only manage 2 to 6 gorilla babies /offspring in a life time.

How Often Do Gorilla Give Birth & Other Gorilla Facts? 
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Fun facts about baby gorillas and their birth

The researchers discovered that infant gorillas are usually smaller than human infants at birth.

Gorilla females have a gestation period of around 8.5 month long, and Gorilla infants weight in between 1.4 -1.8kilgrames at birth, which is half the weight of an average human baby.

They can grow faster to maturity about 12 years. And by the time they turn an adult, they weigh more than the average human being.

Infant gorillas commonly stay under the physical care of their nursing mother for between 5 to 6 months. Gorilla mothers always keep in much closer of physical contact with their young ones for about 6 months after they are born to keep them safe during foraging, travelling and active times and provide comfort for their infants.

As infant gorillas turn 3 months of age, they start playing with objects and acquaint to their environment. When they turn about 8 months, they start exploring walking within a few from the mother till they are old enough to move further from their nursing mothers on their own but in the company of their siblings.

The female gorillas become sexual maturity at the age of 10 years. When they access this period, female mountain gorillas usually give birth to one infant every 4 years.

Research also shows that about 26% of the gorilla babies can die in the first year, most especially if the mother tends to shift to another gorilla family /group with her infant. The silverback in the new family or if a new silverback joins up the current group, this will frequently kill the new infant as keenly observed in the mountain gorillas of the Virunga Volcanoes.

Female gorillas make the first move towards the male gorillas for mating. They are sexually accessible in the estrous period. And they have an estrous cycle that undergoes 28 days, right after giving birth and they stop ovulation for so many years.

Mountain gorillas do not have a specific breeding season and infants are produced throughout the year. If gorillas were not threatening, their population would be high than that of human beings. Such threatening includes habitat loss, poaching and disease transmission. However, gorillas have a high infant mortality rate, although 60% die before their sexually maturity.

Where can one trek mountain gorillas –Safari

In Uganda mountain gorillas can be trekked in Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park, Rwanda in Volcanoes national park and Virunga national park in Congo.