How Many Routes Are There To Climb In Mount Kenya? Mount Kenya is ranked as the second highest peak in the whole of Africa after Kilimanjaro. It is also seen as a majestic and challenging mountain, which offers a variety of many climbing routes for adventurers and enthusiasts. Mount Kenya is dominated with rugged terrain, stunning landscapes, diverse ecosystems and it attracts many tourists to travel from all over different parts of the world to visit. More so, Mount Kenya stands at elevated area of about 5,199 meters above the sea level, there are several routes to ascend to, and each of these routes offers tourists with a unique experience with varying levels of difficulty. However, hiking to this mountain only requires individuals who are physically fit and are free from cronical diseases such as; heart attacks and many others. In the essay below, we will delve more into the primary routes which beckon hikers to conquer the peaks of Mount Kenya and some of these routes include;

Naro Moru Route.

The Naro Moru route is considered as one of the most popular routes, which is commonly used by many individuals seeking a relatively straightforward ascent due to its easy accessibility.  In addition, trekkers should note that this trail begins from Naro moru town whereby they will go through the lush and picturesque forest and they ascend hence capturing breathtaking views of the beautiful landscapes within the surrounding.

This Naro moru route is characterized by the “the vertical blog” which is known to be a challenging section where trekkers always go through a muddy terrain while testing their stamina and resilience. Hiking through this route always offers tourists with a diverse range of experiences from the dense forests to alpine zones as they enjoy and create remarkable memories.

Route distances

Name           Starting From            Distance          Start Altitude
SirimonNorth-North-West ~25km2650m
Naro MoruWest ~20km2400m
ChogoriaEast ~20+10km2850m/1700m
BurguretWest-North-West ~25km1500m
TimauNorth ~35km~3300m
KamwetiSouth ~25km~3000m

Sirimon Route.

The Sirimon route stands for an enticing option and it is best for those individuals seeking a more scenic and challenging route to use to get to the peak of Mount Kenya. This route usually begins from the northwestern side of the mountain, it is famously known for its picturesque landscapes and its enchanting sirimon valley, and trekkers using this route get chances to go through the dense forests, moorland and get close to the unique flora.

How Many Routes Are There To Climb In Mount Kenya?
Sirimon Route

More so, tourists using Sirimon route always get opportunities to capture stunning views of the gorges valley, the temple as they enjoy an awe climbing experience. 

Chogoria Route.

Chogoria route is the route from the eastern side of Mount Kenya and it is well renowned for its scenic beauty and the diverse landscapes. Trekkers using route usually begin from Chogoria town, which leads them to go through the stunning Gorges valley where the sheer cliffs and glacial valleys create a dramatic backdrop. More so, this route is famed its unique physical features such as; Lake Michaelson which is surrounded with high moorlands hence providing a picturesque and seen as a perfect camping spot.

  More so, The Chogoria Route is often used as a descent route compared to other routes.

However, apart from the above-mentioned routes, there are many others, which tourists can use to trek through this mountain and some of these include; Burguret route, which begins from the northwestern part of Mount Kenya among others.

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