Hippo point Kenya Safari ; Hippo point is private wildlife sanctuary   that lies on an isthmus between Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien standing at an altitude of 6,200 feet or 2,000 meters. Also area with excellent microclimate with over 350 bird species and hosts arrange of about 1,200 animal species which are seen roaming around the ground. More so, Lake Naivasha is also a perfect   place for your leisure time meaning it’s a sophisticated African Environment to enjoy nature and have fun with as an individual, enjoy as family and friends. More then, it’s a great place to enjoy your comfortable night stay under Russian linen sheets, smothered by the stars of Africa, soothed by sounds of Hyena and Hippo calling in the night thus making it your memorable encounter.

In the morning ,wake up early and experience the cool fresh breath air of altitude and you can take your time tour around on foot as you have  rewarding view of the game and birdlife along the lake shore and be able to spot notable bird species like Ducks ,Cuckoos ,Nightjars and Allies ,Pigeons and Doves ,Grebes ,Flamingos ,Grouse and Allies ,Guinea fowl ,Duck among others ,along the lake shore  you can still enjoy  swimming because the water is bilharzia free , be able to adventure wildlife along the shore such as zebra ,giraffes ,warthogs ,antelopes ,buffalo and monkey species can be seen swinging around the tree branches  as well as having a chance to sight see hippos lazily watching to proceed from the cooling water. You can as well enjoy your morning seated as you meditate about its beauty or enjoy reading your novel or simply enjoy breakfast in bed –all these can be encountered here. Further, on your visit here you can do what you like when you like.

Hippo point Kenya Safari
Hippo point Kenya Safari

Above all the place is worth a visit or else you can choose to combine a tour to other Kenya Safari Destinations such as; A visit to Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East or West National Park, Mombasa Marine national park, Nairobi national park among others.

On visit to Kenyan hippo point; You will be able to enjoy breathtaking views over Oloidien Bay   as you follow at eagle eye level movements of the hippos, giraffes and zebra grazing at the foot of the Tower, just imagine it’s a magical symphony of peace and tranquility and still a super broken site only by the extraordinary birdsong and splashing of water as hippos venture out under the cover of darkness.

On visit, don’t get worried where to stay; There are well equipment and comfortable accommodation facility with-;

8 Double ,1 single with two sections at the end good for children

 4 Double rooms ,1 single ground floor room, a dining room, Kitchen, spacious living room with incredible balcony, writing room, meditation room as well as a small top rewarding view room –ideal for a family looking for a unique and comfortable luxury like experience in Africa.

Bird watching at Hippo point –Lake Naivasha

This safari destination is not only good to adventure wide range of hippos but also a place ideal for birder’s paradise since it hosts roughly four different biospheres within the Conservancy itself and it has several sites for birding within distance. Despite the fact lake Naivasha is also a home that boasts with more than 350 regular bird species as well as hosting migrants and irregular visitors.

However, Lake Naivasha sits about 1880 meters above sea level and around the highest of the Rift Valley Lakes.  More still, sounds as the second largest freshwater lake in Kenya and is among the two freshwater lakes in the Rift Valley. Lately on, Lake Oloidien was adjacent to part of Lake Naivasha but it is now separated from its South-west shore by a stretch of an elevated land where both Dodo’s Tower and the farm are positioned. However, Lake OIoidein means ‘’Salty’’ in the Maa language   is alkaline ‘’ and therefore hosts different environment for wildlife, Hippo point Kenya Safari.

The shore of Lake Naivasha on its East of the Tower; Are inhabitant of remarkable various notable birdlife species and some of the spotted bird species here include; Great and Long –tailed Cormorants to the Malachite, Pygmy, Pied and Giant Kingfishers, Herons ,Egrets and Storks roam the reed from the  sink of Boat House all the way to the airstrip. There various fish eagles western Marsh Harriers which are permanently scour the area. On dry land, you can be able to view Hildebrandt’s Francolins, Grey –headed Bush-shrikes and three different species of Woodpeckers ‘’Grey, Bearded and Nubian’’ many more. Klaus’s Cuckoo species also seen regular in the garden of the farm.

You can still visit Naivasha lake by boat in the early morning hours.

The Western shore ‘’on Lake OIoidein’’ ; it’s an interesting site to view ducks  ‘’cape ,Hottentot and Red-billed Teals ,Southern Pilchards ,White –backed Ducks ‘’ as well as for both the Great and Lesser Flamingos and the trees and shrubs lining the shore are inhabited by Black and African Cuckoos ,Verreaux Eagle-owls as well as Yellow-collared and Hybrid Lovebirds nest around the Tower among others.

The hilly, resides behind the platform; However, the area surrounding the Hippo point summit is a typical dry savannah area with wheatears, striped kingfishers, Flycatchers and Larks. Just know a hike up the hill is rewarding and memorable life experience.

The southern land strip from the Tower to the side of the Airfield is automatically Raptor Country.  If it comes to visit the park on clear day ,you can’t be disappointed  to watch out species like Steppe ,Lesser spotted and Greater spotted Eagles and Rappel’s Vulture feeding on carcasses . If your luck be able to encounter the rare Grey-crested Helmet-shrike might be an unforgettable life experience.

Hippo point Kenya Safari
Greater spotted Eagles

You can choose to take trip to Hell’s Gate National Park a close safari destination to Lake Naivasha. You can have a great opportunity to observe the Peregrine and Falcons and also be able to view the beautiful Verreaux Eagle among others.

You can still enjoy boat trip along Lake Naivasha from the south Lake shore that gives you a great chance to view the Black Heron with its amazing fishing habits and other species to see include pelicans, Harriers and the beautiful Purple Swamphen. Note, early morning hours are the best for the boat life experience.

More even, you can plan a day trip on your visit to Lake Naivasha to the foot of the Aberdares at Kinangop where you will be able to encounter Sharpe’s Long claw Kenya endemic species and one of the most endangered bird species in Africa.

On visit to the Hippo point Kenya destination that lies on the shores of the Lake Naivasha, you will be provided with Hippo point rangers who have been thoroughly trained and are able to guide you on any excursion you want to experience while on visit here. Also top Kenyan ornithologists are available on demand for special field trips.

 Get started planning now a visit to Kenya’s most visited attractions –Hippo Point one of the most magical places wouldn’t miss to add on your bucket list of safari.