Gorilla Permit Fees in Uganda

Gorilla Permit Fees in Uganda  : Uganda is so blessed to be one of the Gorilla Safari Destination in the world mainly the endangered mountain gorillas, above all, Uganda is home to the half remaining mountain gorillas in the wild that live in three countries that is Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo but the best rewarding countries to encounter great mountain gorillas is Uganda that houses over 600 individuals of the total of 1064 gorillas this exist in the wild. Ecotourism is one way in which these emotional species are protected. The fees got from gorilla permits supports the conservations and the locals around the park through building schools, road construction and health centers. Any guest planning to do or visit mountain gorillas   you required to buy a permit in advances to access these beautiful mountain gorillas. All you need to know the price, rates and where to do a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda.

What is a gorilla permit?

Most of travelers tend to ask themselves about this question, yet is simplified as a ticket that allows one trek gorillas in their nature environment and one hour allowed to spend with gorillas. The length of the trek varies on where were last seen the previous day, Guest are guided with park ranger in search of gorillas in the midst of the jungle.

However, gorillas in Uganda can be trekked in two national parks that is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park has 21 habituated gorilla groups of which two were separated for Gorilla habituation experience and two habituation groups found in Mgahinga Gorilla national park.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi can be conducted in four gorilla sectors that is; Rushaga sector, Nkuringo sector, Ruhija sector and Buhoma sector. A visitor is the one to choose which sector to trek in gorillas and we advise you to always book your accommodation facility near to the trekking sector your signed in.

What is a gorilla habituation permit?

Gorilla habituation permit is something like card or ticket you pay for it to allow tourists to participate in a full day activity. Gorilla habituation is a process that can take 2 to 3 hours under training till gorillas get used to  feel comfortable in the presence of humans  .This is an activity that starts early in the morning involving in researchers ,doctors , trackers and  park rangers ,as you trekking your free to ask any question from the guides for more information about Bwindi or gorillas ,you will also collect samples for  research purposes .Once you meet these habituated gorillas four hours are allowed to observe them ,take photos and video capturing for your future remembrance . The permits may seem to be more expensive but activity is worth the money.

Gorilla Permit Fees in Uganda
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Gorilla permit fees in Uganda /How much is Uganda’s Gorilla permits

Uganda’s single gorilla permits is around USD700 per person per trek for foreigner nonresident, USD600 for foreign residents and East Africa UGX250,000 per trek.

Gorilla trekking fees do vary according to the country you choose to do your gorilla trekking experience like Rwanda permits are more experience compared to Uganda’s gorilla trekking, Rwanda doubles the price for gorilla trekking at 1,500 per person per trek both nationals and visits. Yet Democratic Republic of Congo is the cheapest of the two, her gorilla trekking permits cost USD400.

How to get a Uganda’s gorilla permits?

In Uganda gorilla permits can be book or bought direct from ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority a government body that manages the wildlife conservation and tourism at large. If you want the most convenient way is to use a reliable tour operator to make for you all the reservation about the booking of the permit, accommodation facility, transport among others. It is also advisable to the guest to book at least six months ahead of travel to ensure availability.

How many gorilla permits available on a day?

Yes! It’s good to know the number of permits are available for trackers on daily basis, in order to help you notify what time is it good for you to start your process of booking, currently there around 152 permits available per day. These permits are sold to both  habituated gorilla families in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park.

What does gorilla a paid permit covers

For this matter, a valid gorilla permits only access a visitor to trek our closest cousins in their nature inhabits and one hour with the gorillas, exclusive to other costs such as accommodation, guides, meals, trackers many more.

Is it possible one to cancel a valid permit

You can only cancel a valid permit, if you have only paid deposit, you will not receive any refund on cancellation.

If you have paid your valid permit in full, then the cancellation rules apply as you follow;

75% refund you cancel your permits within 91 days or more before your trekking date.

50% refund if you cancel 46 to 90 days before your trekking date.

25% refund if you cancel 9 to 45 days before your trekking date

No refund if you cancel 0 to 8 days before trekking date.

Travel lovers !Time is now to start up your plans to Bwindi Impenetrable forest or Mgahinga gorilla national park for this emotional and memorable life time remembrance, as you are now well conversant with the Uganda Gorilla Trekking /Permit Fees. Visit the pearl of Africa to meet up with these unique species whom we share almost the DNA ‘’98%’’ something ultimate.